1430 Can You Do 50% Consulting, 50% SaaS On Top of Open Source CRM Framework?
1429 Enterprise Collect Customer Data With This $11m ARR Tool
1428 Bootstrapped and $12m in ARR. My kinda CEO!
1427 Tool Helps You Drive Expansion Revenue, Passes 30 Customers $700k in ARR
1426 Adtech DSP Passes $30m in Revenue With Addition of New Data Product
1425 He Pivoted From IBM Reseller to SaaS in 1998, Now $5m in ARR
1424 He Launched CRM in 2003, Bootstrapped, now $3.5m in ARR
1423 How He Moved from Design Agency to SaaS Launch First $14k in MRR
1422 How He Drove $300k Expansion on $1m ARR Cohort in 12 Months
1421 How He IPO'd $2m ARR Company on Polish Exchange
1420 He Went Zero to $1m in ARR in 6 Months, Bootstrapped
1419 "I Don't Know What Logo Churn Means", I Predict They'll Be Dead in Under 12 Months
1418 $2.4M ARR Marketing Automation Company CEO Would Sell for $10M Today
1417 CloudHealth CEO On $500M VMWare Exit, 70% yoy Growth, $50m+ in ARR
1416 They'd like to Raised $1m on $6m Pre For Google Drive for RSS Feeds Concept Doing $35k in MRR
1415 Professor Acquires Company to Teach Students Entrepreneurship
1414 $6m in ARR, 3x YoY Growth Knotch Helps Enterprise Brands Measure Their Marketing
1413 With $4m in ARR, This Cannabis POS System Is Market Leader Growing 3x YoY
1412 Passed $12m in ARR, Banks Use This API To Decrease Currency Risk
1411 This Tool is Flat, Bootstrapped, Why Won't Founder Get The Hell out and Sell?
1410 Bootstrapped Enterprise Email Marketing Firm Breaks $3.6m ARR, 70% YoY Growth
1409 $1.5B Freshworks To IPO: Growing 40% YoY, Passes $100M in ARR, $250M Raised, 150,000 Companies Using
1408 Quickly Launch Video Creatives With Automatic Tool Lumen5, $100k in MRR
1407 Ex Facebook Now Happily Bootstrapping in UX Research Tool Space Past $125k in MRR
1406 How Continuous Improvement Platform 15Five Hit $10m ARR using Land and Expand
1405 How ClickDimensions is using Microsoft Ecosytem To Drive to $40m in ARR
1404 He was fired then went all in, now $30k/mo
1403 This Direct Mailing SaaS Company Went From $0 to $135k in MRR Using Hubspot Partner Ecosystem
1402 100% Female Owned, Bootstrapped, Marketing Automation Company for SMB's Passes $85k in MRR
1401 UserTesting CEO "We're at $65m in ARR Now, Hoping to Break $80m by EOY" across 3000 paying customers

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