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4 Hidden Costs of Pandemic Fatigue in the Hybrid Workplace

The hybrid workforce will become the standard operating model. Good leaders will anticipate and address these four lingering effects of pandemic fatigue.

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As offices begin to reopen in 2021, the workforce comprised of on-site and remote workers will become the standard operating model. According to Gartner, 82 percent of company leaders will be allowing some employees to work remotely. In addition to making changes needed to meet safety standards, smart leaders will examine the emotional state of the workforce as they transition to this new working model.

Be aware of the lingering effects of pandemic fatigue. Productive workers had to dig into reserves of stamina, creative problem-solving and relationship management to get through this period of constant turbulence. And just like the term technical debt represents the price organizations pay for speedy delivery at the cost of quality coding, we have accumulated a form of emotional debt in the workplace that will show up in these four ways as we move into the hybrid world:

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