Protect Yourself From Bacteria and Viruses with This Comfortable, Form-Fitting Mask This high-end, street-ready mask comes with five-layer filter technology.

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Much of the country is learning the hard way that face masks just aren't that comfortable. However, if you aren't already required to wear one by law, it's a good idea to wear a mask so long as there is no vaccine for COVID-19. But you don't have to create excess waste with disposable masks or be uncomfortable with a cotton mask that doesn't fit right. The TAKTA Form-Fitting Mask with 5-Layer Filter Technology is the ultimate mask to keep you safe while you're away from home.

This high-end, street-ready mask filters out 95 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns. No matter where you are, the TAKTA can protect you from airborne bacteria and viruses. The secret is in the FDA-approved five-layer filter technology, providing superior protection against a variety of particle types and sizes. The mask has an outside PP layer, an active carbon layer, two electro-charged layers, and an inside PP layer to give you comprehensive protection.

Not only is it safe, but the TAKTA mask is comfortable, too. The two exhalation valves on the mask act as a ventilation system, making it easier to breathe and avoid overheating or fogging up your sunglasses. When you breathe, the valves transport the exhaled air out to avoid building up moisture, without letting any unfiltered air sneak in.

Additionally, the TAKTA is sealed around the edges to ensure that air only travels in through the filter and out through the exhalation valves. With adjustable components, the TAKTA is designed to fit just about any face shape perfectly while providing complete protection.

You may be wearing a mask for a while, so it's smart to invest in the comfort and protection you need. Just imagine the day when you'll be wearing one all day at the office. The TAKTA Form-Fitting Mask with 5-Layer Filter Technology is normally $49.99 but you can save 32 perent off when you get it for $33.99 today.

Prices are subject to change.

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