Entrepreneur Magazine: January 1997

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Keep 'Em Coming Back For More

6 creative ways to maintain customer satisfaction

Growing Global

Expanding the family business overseas

Where Its At

You're not the lone investor.

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Off-balance-sheet financing lets you raise money and protect your equity.

Small-Business Credit Cards

Even small-business owners can act like big business with corporate credit cards.

Red-Hot Blues


New Wave

Water stores that cater to budget-minded, health-conscious families are making a splash.

Up And Coming

Hottest foreign markets for 1997

Experts On Your Side

Use templates to pour your work into molds sculpted by professionals.

Major Leagues

Small businesses score big by teaming up with the giants.

Loads Of Funds

Figuring mutual fund fees into your investment strategy.

Labor Gains

What welfare reform could mean to your business.