Entrepreneur Magazine: May 1998

Featured Article

To The Rescue

Can't afford an in-house tech expert? A computer reseller may offer all the help you need.

Way To Grow

Give interns a role in your business -- and watch your marketing efforts bloom.

Remain Calm

How to defuse difficult situations.

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Going Up?

Price hikes accompany hotel mergers.

Estate Of Affairs

They say only two things are certain: death and taxes. In the event of the first, here's how to keep Uncle Sam from taking more than his fair share.

Coupon Clips

Here's an offer franchisees can't refuse.

Big-Time Backup

Data storage expands its horizons.

Cup O' Paradise

Coffee goes tropical.

Vendor Bender

Our experts solve your startup problems.

The Bar Exam

Energy bars take a bite out of the snack biz.

Defining Moment

A new franchise definition?

Summer Session

S'mores and entrepreneurship -- what more could a teenager want?