Entrepreneur Magazine: July 1998

Featured Article

Playing Favorites

For best results, market to your best customers.

Perk Power

The downside: You can't match the benefits offered by Fortune 500 companies. The upside: An exclusive Dun & Bradstreet survey reveals you may not have to. The bottom line: You still have to offer something.

Goodwill Hunting

Who cares about socially responsible business practices? Seventy percent of consumers, that's who.

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A paint-staking brush with fun.

No Strings Attached

Monster success in the toy industry.

A Different World

A new study highlights the differences between male and female entrepreneurs.

Class Conflict

Expanded business class seating puts the squeeze on economy-class passengers.

Face Value

Are facial expressions universal?

Perfect Fit

Taking measure of kids' new clothing needs.

Safe Guards

Fearful parents pay for peace of mind.

Learning The Ropes

Entrepreneurs-to-be get a jump start.

No Sweat

Sporting apparel with attitude.