Entrepreneur Magazine: March 1999

Featured Article

Good Trips

Tools and sites to help you travel cheap

Blame It On Rio

South America rises again.

Dynamic Duos

When friends are the perfect blend in business.

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You've Got Mail

What shipping and handling can do for your business.

High Hopes

Small high-tech entrepreneurs express even more optimism than their big-business counterparts. So what does David know that Goliath doesn't?

Breaking In

Program helps African-Americans become franchisors.

(E)mail-order Education

Course one: Becoming a restaurateur.

Good Fortune

Diary of a start-up: from idea to fruition.

Hair Apparent

Thank heaven for little girls.

Food, Glorious Food!

If you love it, why not invest in it?

Theory of Un-Relativity

How to keep nonfamily managers happy in order to grow your business.

What's It Worth?

If there's value in your inventory or receivables, you may be able to borrow against it to help fund the growth of your business.