Entrepreneur Magazine: June 1999

Featured Article

I Spy

Want to learn more about your competitors? Try using competitive intelligence resources.

Apparel Perils

Dress for success isn't so cut and dried anymore.

Heads Up!

For some ads, it's no guts, no glory.

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Banks Like Us

Entrepreneur-owned banks give new meaning to the term business friendly.

Put It In Motion

Will entrepreneurs be hurt by OSHA's attempt to ease the pain of repetitive-motion injuries?

Book 'Em

Battle of the sexes and the shape of things to come.

Strange Brew

Wake up and smell Starbucks' latest coffeehouse concept.

For The Birds

Wild Birds Unlimited is something to chirp about.

For Love Of Java

New cafe/bar franchise makes love connections.

On The Bandwagon

Identify a hot product and jump into the action!

Start Me Up!

Ready, willing and able--five sources guaranteed to get your business going

Second Opinion

When the going gets tough, consultants provide the expertise you need.