Entrepreneur Magazine: July 1999

Featured Article

Playing With The Big Boys

Your office is a card table; your staff is you and your dog. How do you convince big clients your company's got what it takes? Two words: Fake it.

Mighty Mouse

Move over, Pooh. Mickey's back in town.

Latest Rage

Why punches are flying among plane angry passengers

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Silver Lining

Unemployment benefits could be your passport to entrepreneurship.

Don't Go There

Error-proof your business, little loans

Dog Heaven

Love pets? Try running a summer camp for them.

Uncle Sam Steps In

State and federal governments save the day with insurance assistance for entrepreneurs.

Time On Their Side

You need good employees. They need increased flexibility. Here's how the twain shall meet.

Credit and Background Checks

Digging up dirt on the people that affect your business

Command Performance

Ask prospects to take action, and guess what? They just might.

Oh, Baby!

How to cash in on the biggest baby boom yet

Now Hear This

Hey, is that billboard talking to you?