Entrepreneur Magazine: November 1999

Featured Article

Wing And A Prayer

Sock it away, the perfect proposal, earth angels, loans in a

Vive La Difference!

The qualities that make women unique can also help them succeed.

What's It Worth?

The science of pricing your exports

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When the family works and plays together, there's a good chance the family business will stay together.

Public Enemy?

How to go public and not get screwed

Vanishing Profits?

Don't call Ghostbusters; call a consultant.

Movin' On Up

Innovative franchisees take the risk out of choosing a new site.

Take It And Run!

Think your idea is already spoken for? Maybe not . . .

French Twist

Take a bite out of the food market

Keep 'Em Happy

The quality of your customer service can make or break your site. Get yours up to snuff--or kiss your profits goodbye.

SAD Times

Jack Frost may be nipping at your work force.

The Thin Crowd

Bulky monitors got you down? Ultra-slim LCDs make for affordable alternatives.