Entrepreneur Magazine: December 1999

Featured Article

Harried, With Children

Coping with kids; take our going-solo quiz

Get With The Spirit

'Tis the season to spoil your employees with something special.

Wild, Wild West

Wait! The gold rush isn't over yet!

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Attracting Non-Family Employees

As appealing as the cozy atmosphere of a family business may be, you can't beat incentives for hooking good managers.

The Glamorous Life

Bar-hopping, club-going and playing with makeup can pay off. Just ask these entrepreneurs, whose sparkling success proves all that glitters is gold.

Under The Big Top

P.T. Barnum was more than master of the show; he may very well have been the greatest salesman on earth.

Speak Up!

What's the word on business seminars?

Straight To Video

Cameras, cameras everywhere--what happens to all those videos?

Ready Or Not?

Do you have what it takes to join Generation Entrepreneur?

Tech 2000

New year, new millenium, new resolutions . . . how about a new computer?

Make Like Magellan

The best workers for your business aren't necessarily in your neighborhood. They may not even be on your continent.

Get Your Clicks

Make way for the next generation of multifunction pointing devices.