Entrepreneur magazine
February 1997

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February 1997

Entrepreneur | February 1997
February 1997
Entrepreneur Magazine

Mail Call

Save time and money with the newest electronic mailing systems.

Show Time

Creating presentations that pay off

Basic Instincts

Appeal to your customers' primary needs, and you're one step closer to closing the sale.

Good Will

Are your employees loyal ambassadors of your company?

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Story Selling

Every ad tells a story. What's yours?

Share The Wealth

Give employees a share in your company--and enjoy tax savings for yourself.

Wild Ride

If you've been riding the bull market, you could be in for a tumble.

Foreign Power

Seeking investors? Looking overseas could be your company's best bet.

Taking Care

Aggressive acquisition plans make this firm an up-and-comer.

Childs Pay

A fund aimed at children may also be a wise buy for adults.

Tax Time

Three programs that help you prepare for the tax man

Help Line

Tired of getting the brushoff from your vendors' tech support lines?

Painting The Town

Dineh Mohajer and her partners found unexpected success right at their polished fingertips.

Mutual Benefits

Giving employees the benefits they want means a healthier bottom line.

Dial M For Murder

After-hours tips for busy entrepreneurs

Hot To Buy/Hot To Sell

New products for small and homebased businesses.


Connect your business to the world by adding this peripheral to your computer system.

Hire Power

6 Things you need to do before hiring your first employee.

First Contact

Technological tools to help you make the most of the business cards you gather

Whats In-Store For You?

With an in-store demonstration business, you can sample your way to success.

On Guard

Fend off copycat competitors with these secret weapons.

Savings Plan

100 ways to save your business thousands of dollars

Attitude Adjustment

9 positive principles to help you turn failure into success.

Sticker Shock

Tips and trends for your growing business

Opportunity Knocks

Women's access to capital widens with the help of a new SBA program.

Home Front

A new Congress prepares to tackle homebased-business issues.

Healthy Profits

Aging boomers and growing health awareness power a new breed of health-care stores.

Mutual Benefits

Giving employees the benefits they want means a healthier bottom line.

Permission Slip

Stay on the right side of the law by getting permission before you reprint articles.

At Risk

The 8(a) program faces an uncertain future.

Lying Down The Laws

How new legislators may determine the fate of franchise regulation

Extra Credit

Know your place in the value chain--and make your product or service stand out.

Safety Net

When setting up your Web site, beware the legal pitfalls.

Above And Beyond

Set higher goals for your employees--and they'll excel.

Cutting Back

When you have to cut a family member's salary

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