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April 1997

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April 1997

Entrepreneur | April 1997
April 1997
Entrepreneur Magazine

How Swede It Is

Exporting to Sweden and more.

Direct Hit

The pros and cons of using direct mail to build a strong customer base.

Mac Attack

Apple fights back with plans for a new Macintosh operating system.

The Search Is Over

What's hot on the World Wide Web.

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Affirmative Reaction

8 steps to getting what you want from any negotiation.

Playing Houseboat

After-hours tips for busy entrepreneurs.

Patent Pointers

A pro answers your most common patent questions.

Charging Ahead

Opening a merchant credit card account is easier than you think--once you understand the process.

Girl Talk

A former Oscar winner changes her focus to games for girls.

If Memory Serves

Is it time to upgrade your computer's memory?

Watts Next?

Futurist Watts Wacker on why you need a 500-year business plan.

Step 11: Promote Your Business

Highlight your business's unique advantages to attract customers.

Know Your Competition

Here's how to get the goods on your competitors and stay one step ahead.

25 Super Sales Secrets

5 Experts Reveal Successful Selling Tips To Help You Close The Deal.

Hot To Buy/Hot To Sell

New products for small and homebased businesses.

Something Old/Something New

Sell your collectibles on a shoestring by exhibiting them in an antique mall.

Finding Your Niche

Discover your strengths to distinguish your business from the rest of the crowd.

Tools Of The Trade: Desktop Publishing

Here's The Equipment You Need To Get Your Business Off The Ground.

Tax Software

Use these tools to make filing your business returns less taxing.

Alone Behind The Desk

8 Tips to overcoming the isolation of working at home.

Trade Show Opportunities

Searching for a new business can be easy if you follow these tips.

Human Touch

How to get personal in your marketing.

Who's The Boss?

Helping family business handle office politics.

Chief Concerns

The SBA's new administrator speaks out about her plans for the agency.

Estate Of Affairs

How to pass down your business--but not to Uncle Sam.

Share The Wealth

Employee compensation plans that pay off.

On Target

When your audience is diverse, a personalized approach to advertising works best.

Healthy Concern

Don't let workers' comp fraud cripple your business.

Stage Right

Make smarter management decisions by knowing what stage your company's in.

Star Makers

Finding public relations and advertising agencies to make your business shine.

Voice Lessons

Tips and trends for growing your business.

Niche Hunt

Investigate these 6 marketing niches, and unlock the door to a prosperous future.

Uncommon Valor

For security and income, preferred stock offers a powerful alternative to common stock.

It's All Relative

The tax benefits of employing family members.

Global Warming

Franchising heats up around the world.

Stocking Up

You get more than financing when you tap your 401(k) to buy stock in your business.

Point Of View

Franchisees see one thing, franchisors another . . . how to reconcile the two?

Thats Entertainment

From TV and movies to multimedia, this fund profits from fun.

Break It Up!

A bill to prevent defense contract & bundling could help small firms get more business.

More Power To You

PC connections make today's fax machines multifaceted workhorses.

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