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December 1997

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December 1997

Entrepreneur | December 1997
December 1997
Entrepreneur Magazine

Open For Business

Internet Commerce Has Finally Come Of Age.

'Tis The Season

Stocking Stuffers For Your Favorite Techie.

Want Ads?

What's hot on the World Wide Web.

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Going My Way?

How Technology Is Mapping The Direction Of Small Business.

Pest Control

He Collects Profits - Not Insects.

Wait Loss

Smart Cards Help Speed Up The Travel Process.

If You Build It . . .

History Has Been Kind To Young Inventors.

So Close . . .

Cuba's Potential Lures Entrepreneurs.

11th Hour

Looking For Some Last-minute Tax Savings? We Help You Beat The Clock.

Your Attention, Please!

Want readers to notice your ad? Get in their face.


Product development companies make getting your invention to market a cinch.

Anatomy Of A Decade

The Legacy Of The 80's Lives On In The World Of Small Business.

Finders Keepers

How to attract customers and keep them coming back for more.

Internet Law

How to make sure you're following the rules in cyberspace.

Here's To Your Health

Your source for small-business news, reviews, trends and troubleshooting.

Use Your Head

Brainstorming and mindmapping techniques can help you tackle your business problems.

Mailing Machines

From letter folders to postal scales, here are some tools to save you time and money.

Fitting The Bill

How to select a small-business accountant who measures up.

Here's The Scoop

Ben & Jerry's on powerful promotions.

Hit Or Myth?

Learning to distinguish facts from fables for your marketing campaign.

Knock On Wood

If remodeling stays hot, this cabinet company could see solid profits.

Package Deal

Multifunctional Devices Offer The Latest Technology, Professionalism, and Convenience.

Extra Credit

Franchise and business opportunities at a glance.

Keeping A Secret

A great idea is only the beginning. Now you have to find ways to protect it.


Grants Offered For Small Business.

In Limbo

Entrepreneurs have yet to feel any small-business regulatory relief.

Curtain Call

Combining selling and acting techniques will leave your customers cheering for more.

Happy Returns

Five simple steps to winning back customers who've strayed.

So Far, So Good

Even physical distance can't stop your employees from going above and beyond.

Labor Pains

Employees focus groups may seem like a good idea, but they could land you in court.

Hear And Now

An innovative listening technique may be the key to improving communication.

Adding Nonfamily to Your Board

Nonfamily members can help keep your board of directors on the right track.

Rope One In

How to spot the good, the bad, and the ugly when looking for a financial advisor.

For The Record

Before you toss those old tax files, make sure you won't need them later.

Cash Is King

Royalty financing keeps investors happy - and keeps your company in your own hands.

The High Road

With recent returns of 99 percent, this high-yield fund deserves a closer look.

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