Entrepreneur Magazine: April 1998

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Tech Advantage

Don't know your modem from your monitor? Get tech-savvy -- or watch your marketing efforts suffer.

`Hi' Hopes

Does your brochure get prospective customers to buy...or say bye-bye?

Spin Cycle

Yesterday's music funds today's schools.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Take this hackneyed phrase and make it mean something in your business.

Revenge Of The Nerds

Yesterday's computer geeks stake a claim in cyberspace. Guess who's cool now?

Trade Shows

Mark your calendar.

Market Watch

Do you know who your customers are?

Back To Basics

Vitamin C face cream? Coconut oil soap? A growing number of entrepreneurs are cleaning up by going au naturel.
Starting a Business

Winner's Circle

Your chances of hitting the venture capital jackpot could depend on who you know.

What's The Problem?

Next time a customer cancels an order, find out what you did wrong -- and fix it!

Design Of The Times

Greeting cards reflect the changing face of America.
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