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July 1998

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July 1998

Entrepreneur | July 1998
July 1998
Entrepreneur Magazine

Remember Me?

Are you letting customers slip away? Here's how to get back in their good graces.

New & Improved

The IRS takes major steps to become more user-friendly.

Stock Trek

Enterprising investors take a voyage to value investing.

Postal Power

The USPS delivers new services for small businesses.

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Who's Counting?

You should be -- if you want to keep track of your company's performance.

Perfect Match

A game plan for choosing -- and keeping -- the best consultants.

Close Encounters

Just how much family togetherness is too much?

Mixed Blessing

Great entrepreneurial characteristics can cause great big problems.

Joining Forces

Get your credit and sales departments to work as a team.

Trial Run

Put prospective employees through a training program before making a hiring decision.

Vanishing Act

Don't just delete your computer files -- shred 'em to pieces.

Inside Track

Keep your employees from tripping up the corporate ladder.

Mum's The Word

Nondisclosure documents keep your company secrets under wraps.

Shoe Polish

There's no business like this shoe business.

Wired For Cash

If you're seeking capital, the Internet may be your gold mine...someday.

Classic Lines

Like a good novel, your slogan needs substance if you expect it to stand the test of time and move your product out the door.

Hats On

Cap stores are making headway in the $208 million sports hat industry.

Finders Keepers

Not sure how to choose the right patent attorney? Here's where to look and what to look for.

Comeback Kid

Fantasy sports software publisher does an end run around business failure.

World of Opportunity

Franchise, business opportunity or MLM? What you don't know can hurt you. Here's how to choose the entrepreneurial investment that's right for you.

Men At Work

Franchisee finds a new source of employees.

On Your Mark...

Get ready to protect your business's name.

Field Of Dreams

Success comes naturally for a new crop of herb farmers.

'Tis The Season

Start planning now to deck the malls with profits as the owner of a seasonal opportunity.

On The Level

What to know before you buy a multilevel marketing opportunity

Perk Power

The downside: You can't match the benefits offered by Fortune 500 companies. The upside: An exclusive Dun & Bradstreet survey reveals you may not have to. The bottom line: You still have to offer something.

Goodwill Hunting

Who cares about socially responsible business practices? Seventy percent of consumers, that's who.

A Different World

A new study highlights the differences between male and female entrepreneurs.

Class Conflict

Expanded business class seating puts the squeeze on economy-class passengers.

Face Value

Are facial expressions universal?

Perfect Fit

Taking measure of kids' new clothing needs.

Safe Guards

Fearful parents pay for peace of mind.

Site Seeing

Hotels open their virtual doors for business.

At Your Fingertips

Bridging the language barrier with ease.

Vital Signs

Have you taken your business pulse lately?

Run For Office

Republicans push for a congressional office that would make it easier to challenge federal regulations.

Playing Favorites

For best results, market to your best customers.

Shake On It

When's the last time you put 'er there?

New Attitude

Often overlooked and undervalued, these workers could be the answer to your labor woes.

Smooth Operator

Don't miss a call with these small-business phone systems.

Winning Numbers

Intuit improves on small-business favorite.

Full Speed Ahead

The race is on to provide high-speed Internet access.

Beam Me Up

New product lets you fly the user-friendly skies.

Search Engines

Their popularity, their secrets, their flaws.

Mail Call

E-mail reigns as the communications king.

Two For One

Nowadays, it seems bank mergers are the norm. But what does that mean for small business?

Ready, Set, Delegate!

Handing out tasks is the key to growing your business.

Twice The Fund

The Strong Schafer Value Fund combines equal parts of growth and value.

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