Entrepreneur Magazine: November 1998

Featured Article

A Closer Look

Is that new franchise or biz op a ground-floor opportunity--or a flash in the pan?

Into Africa

Doing business in Africa isn't for the faint of heart--but it could offer big rewards.

Hidden Treasures

Doing business in the inner city is a challenge, but the rewards are worth the effort.

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Feat Of Clay

The business models you didn't learn about in school.

Trade Secrets

Mark our words: In the battle to get your product noticed, a trademark can be your best friend.

Personal Touch

If you want to improve results from your sales letters, try some good,old-fashioned charm.

Slick Idea

No-risk franchising.

Sweet Rewards

Giving back spells success for this candy franchise.

Take It Easy

Creature comforts, hit the books, hold a candle to this.

Not-So-Basic Training

Are your employees not using your new tech equipment? With a little training, they'll make the most of your investment.

Closing Arguments

The case for using lawyers' techniques in business.

Bug Off!

Protect against invaders with antivirus software.