Entrepreneur Magazine: November 1998

Featured Article

Driving Force

Automotive aftermarket opportunities that will get your motor revving

Young Millionaires

They're young-they're hot-they're rich. Don't hate 'em . . . Join 'em.

Entrepreneur's Complete Guide To Software

Paralyzed by all the software choices out there? You're not alone. How to choose the software your business really needs.

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Hidden Treasures

Doing business in the inner city is a challenge, but the rewards are worth the effort.

Race To Space

Ten, nine, eight . . . Who will win the $10 million contest of a lifetime?

Fast Track

Start your engines.

Slick Idea

No-risk franchising.

Sweet Rewards

Giving back spells success for this candy franchise.

Drive-In Ambition

Sonic drive-ins face the future with a new look.

Making The Grade

College programs offer real-world business experience.

Trade Shows

Mark your calendar.

Support For Tech Firms

Resources for Entrepreneurs.