Entrepreneur Magazine: October 1999

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Fit to Print

The scoop on starting your own magazine

Stayin' Alive

Adventure-lovers stoke a demand for survival gear.

Hotel Intelligence

Your innkeeper knows more about you than you think.

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Are You Satisfied?

No, we're not talking about the big meal you had a few hours ago. We're talking turn-of-the-century, down-to-the-nitty-gritty, is-my-business-everything-i-hoped-it'd-be satisfied.

Bully For You

Turn the tables on intimidators.

Red, White And You

Connect with a government contract, and you could make the sale of the century.

In The Jeans

My design is ready for the world. Now what?

Accidents Will Happen

Health insurance--why you need it, where to get it

Spread The Wealth?

The ups and downs of juggling more than one bank

Keep It Together

Prevent your board members from jumping ship.

Slim Is In

The skinny on the latest generation of mininotebook computers