Entrepreneur Magazine: November 1999

Featured Article

A Little Help?

Sometimes your hard bargain needs a professional driver-sometimes.

Going Private

Tap into a multibillion-dollar market with private-sector contracting.

<i>Entrepreneur</i>'s Complete Guide to Software

Paralyzed by all the software choices out there? You're not alone. How to choose the software your business really needs.

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Move It, Buddy!

Grab a truck. Grab two men. Go into businesss.

Keeping The Peace

Franchise dispute? Try mediation, says New York.

Looking Good

A Canadian cosmetics franchise expands to the United States.

Movin' On Up

Innovative franchisees take the risk out of choosing a new site.

Take It And Run!

Think your idea is already spoken for? Maybe not . . .

Testing 1, 2 ... Your Business IQ

You've gauged your intelligence quotient and your emotional quotient. Now it's time to put your entrepreneurial savvy to the test.
Starting a Business

Do You Copy?

To © or not to ©: How a copyright can protect your creative works

Benefits Game

I'm self-employed--are benefits within my reach?

Trade Shows

Mark your calendar.

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