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November 1999

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November 1999

Entrepreneur | November 1999
November 1999
Entrepreneur Magazine

I'm With You

Is the EPA really your enemy? Not if your friendly EPA ombudsman has anything to say about it.

Working Assets

Money from money: a look at a financial services fund

A Trade A Day

Now you can put your fortune on the line at the push of a button.

The Thin Crowd

Bulky monitors got you down? Ultra-slim LCDs make for affordable alternatives.

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Keep 'Em Happy

The quality of your customer service can make or break your site. Get yours up to snuff--or kiss your profits goodbye.


Why search the Web for the best prices when your robot can do it for you?

No Money Down

Making e-commerce as free as can be

Daydream Relivers

S Club 7: The Monkees for the next generation

Vive La Difference!

The qualities that make women unique can also help them succeed.

Make A Mint

There's more to intense mints than tasty kisses.

Synchronize Your Watches

When it comes to going public, timing is everything.

David V. Goliath

Inventors invent. Big companies steal. And you can't fight it because you don't have the money to win--or can you?

Missing Links?

To keep things running smoothly, you just have to mind your own business, right? Wrong. If millennium madness has taught you anything, it should be this: Your business is only as strong as your weakest link.

Workplace 2005

In just five years, you may not even recognize the business you've created. Take a look at the shape of small business to come.

Public Enemy?

How to go public and not get screwed

French Twist

Take a bite out of the food market

High-Tech Hot Spots

Think Silicon Valley's the only place to launch a high-tech start-up? Don't pack your bags just yet. Check out our ranking of the top 10 hotbeds for tech success.

Game Not Over

Get the lowdown on news, trends, programs and more

This Buddy's For You

The latest & greatest high-tech tools and gadgets

Tech, Yes

You don't have to be a computer hotshot to strike it rich in high-tech. Power up with one of these 29 ways to plug in to profits.

Wing And A Prayer

Sock it away, the perfect proposal, earth angels, loans in a

Vanishing Profits?

Don't call Ghostbusters; call a consultant.

Going Private

Tap into a multibillion-dollar market with private-sector contracting.

<i>Entrepreneur</i>'s Complete Guide to Software

Paralyzed by all the software choices out there? You're not alone. How to choose the software your business really needs.

Move It, Buddy!

Grab a truck. Grab two men. Go into businesss.

Keeping The Peace

Franchise dispute? Try mediation, says New York.

Looking Good

A Canadian cosmetics franchise expands to the United States.

Movin' On Up

Innovative franchisees take the risk out of choosing a new site.

Take It And Run!

Think your idea is already spoken for? Maybe not . . .

Testing 1, 2 ... Your Business IQ

You've gauged your intelligence quotient and your emotional quotient. Now it's time to put your entrepreneurial savvy to the test.

Do You Copy?

To © or not to ©: How a copyright can protect your creative works

Benefits Game

I'm self-employed--are benefits within my reach?


Are you ready for disaster? If not, here's the money to help you prepare.

Marx Against Them

Coming to America is tough. Coming to America from the U.S.S.R. is tougher. Then try starting a business...

A Little Help?

Sometimes your hard bargain needs a professional driver-sometimes.

Playing Nice

How to get your sales and marketing teams to work together

Season's Retailing

Want a festive way to sell your product? Give it a holiday theme.

Rumor Has It

Forget burden of proof. A new proposal says allegations alone should prevent businesses from receiving federal contracts.

Suiting Up

If your business becomes the victim of a lawsuit, do you know what your insurance company will do for you?

The Coming Of The Gen X Bosses

They're ready for management roles--but are you ready for them?

That's It--I Quit!

It may sound like nonsense, but former employees can sue you for unlawful termination even if you didn't fire them.

The Best Family Business Meetings

When the family works and plays together, there's a good chance the family business will stay together.

SAD Times

Jack Frost may be nipping at your work force.

Damage Control

Feel like your business is an accident waiting to happen? Try breaking big, scary risks into smaller chunks.

Friends 4-Ever

Say goodbye, but not good riddance. You may still have a use for those ex-employees.

Easy Street

Check out the IRS' new options for tax-debt management. You'll drive away happy--and compliant!

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