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February 2000

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February 2000

Entrepreneur | February 2000
February 2000
Entrepreneur Magazine

Find Your Partner

When industry giants and dot.coms come together, it's profits that fly round and round.

Gimme Shelter

It won't keep you dry in a storm, but art makes a great tax break!

Wowee Zowee!

No one clicking on your Web ads? Don't tone down--dazzle!

Taxing News

All good things come to an end--as might the tax-free Internet

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Minority Rules

No matter what size, shape, color, or disposition--there's a Web site made for you.

Zap It!

No more hassling with monstrous files. One click does the trick.

A Wall Of Fire

Hackers are crashing Web sites daily, but you can stop them from hacking yours.

Thin Is In

Shed some dead weight--and capture significant savings.

The Gatekeepers

Airline agents are the key to upgrades and choice seating.

Co-Ed Management

Diversity in your management team can help your IPO soar.

Grab Your Passport

Whether you want growth or income, international investments may be just the ticket.

B-B-Bad To The Loan

Rough roads ahead have you fearing a loan default? Here are some ways to bargain with your banker.

A Business On Paper

. . . And profits in your hand. A foreign sales corporation could do the trick.

The Daily Grind

In an industry of high-visibility brand names, they don't have one. So how does this family's coffee company stay in business?

Something Different

Just because it ain't broke don't mean it can't be better.

Old Money

Seniors are surfing the Web at an alarming rate--are you ready to accommodate?

Web Site

Determining customer profitability

Get The Scoop

Everything you ever wanted to know about your customers--from your customers

There Ought To Be A Law

So you've only got one business? And maybe making that work is a struggle? Well, some business owners have more than their share--and make it look easy. We call them serial entrepreneurs.

The Insiders

Four young entrepreneurs get down and dirty about the pains and pleasures of running their own businesses.

The Truth About Venture Capital

Myth: Getting venture capital is impossible. Reality: It's not easy, but it can be done. We show you how.

Loud And Clear

Small and inconsequential as you may think you are, your voice can be heard in Washington.

This Is War!

And this is entrepreneurship - but it's all the same to author James Dunnigan.

Cover Your Bases

If you thought database marketing was just wasting your time with fliers and mailing lists, take another look--at the Net.

WKR-Small Business

On the nation's radios, entrepreneurs are finally in the spotlight.

Once Upon A Time

They used to work for Disney. Now they're the happiest corporate dropouts on earth.

Holey War

It's doughnut against doughnut in the battle for your bulge.

Book `Em

Review of Obscene Profits: The Entrepreneurs of Pornography in the Cyber Age

Street Smarts

They'd never turned on a Mac and had no clue how to raise money . . . but they started an international magazine in their living room.

Time Traveling

While everything else is new and improved, vacation spots are getting older and older.

Online Everything

Financial aid, Paris shopping, toilet paper--what can't you get on the Web?


Harry Potter, the movie; the death of pinball; ethnic cocktails; stock car cartoon; overweight consumers

Karma And Cash

With fair trade, you can make money and help stop inhumane labor practices.

Look A Little Closer . . .

An unfulfilled need? Or a business opportunity in disguise?

Get Lost!

Not this time. Rent a car with driving instructions.


Are you holding to the next big thing in the tech world? Get your funding here.

Bad Words

How much can poorly worded memos cost you?


Where are these entrepreneurs now?

Web Site

Resource for women in technology

Road Notes

Deals from United Airlines, Marriott International, Preview Travel

Fee Furor

Your lawyer wants you to pay what?!


Business-to-business e-commerce, the size of the Web

Wise Buys

Reviews of upgraded Maximizer Enterprise, FaxMailer and Corpedia.com's trade secret CD

Federal Contacts

Being small just go better, thanks to an SBA pilot program.

Web Across The Atlantic

"Smart" mobile phones bring more Europeans to your Internet doorstep.

It's A Fit!

Find the right piece to your partnership puzzle and you're in business.

Room To Grow

Growing fast? Don't let system overload slow you down.


Sites that match entrepreneurs with funding sources

Fast Track

Cooking up Cajun-flavored microwave popcorn

Take Flight

Getting my business to fly right will take more than money. Should an angel come along for the ride?

On Guard

Don't get taken by bargaining ploys.

Get The Word Out

... And get employees communicating--faster, cheaper and more effectively.

Risky Ad-Ventures

Whether on paper or over the Internet, make sure your ads are on the level.

Mediocre Middle Management

Good employees leaving? It may be your manager.

Letting Go

Is your business stretched to capacity? Find out what's not making money--and drop it.


Let your employees help choose the company's office equipment.

Off The Clock

How to avoid costly mistakes in calculating and paying overtime

Call For Backup

Weak links can cost you big--make sure your suppliers are covered.

Inner-City Innovation

Clinton and Congress move toward increasing incentives for entrepreneurs ready to take on low-income communities.

Head Games

Your prospects' own thoughts are potent headline material.

Better With Age

There's nothing new under the sun that doesn't scare retailers.

How to Review Your Siblings

Rating your sibling's performance means treading on delicate--and potentially explosive--ground. In fact, maybe it's better to call the whole thing off.

No Place Like Home

Building an empire one brick at a time

Express Loans

. . . And the software that can make them happen

Cultural Makeover

Company looks for ways to add some color.

Window Shopping

A whole new way of looking at drive-thru

Tastes Like Chicken

McDonald's adds yet another nugget to its family.

On The Horizon

Web-based education may be a winner or a worry for technology learning centers.


You're not alone in your environmental efforts--the EPA offers assistance.


Watch out Silicon Valley--Southern California is under development.

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