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April 2000

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April 2000

Entrepreneur | April 2000
April 2000
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Dot Dot Dot

Start a dot.com . . . twiddle your thumbs . . . the money rolls in--there's a hell of a lot left out of <i>that </i>story.

Small Wonder

Sony's VAIO PCV-L630 Slimtop LCD Computer


Feelin' the groove with the latest trends in 2000

No Pain, All Gain

Still don't have a Web site? That doesn't mean you can't join the digital economy.

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Nothing But The Truth

Treasure trove site of statistics

Don't Get Scammed

Who to contact if you've been Web-conned

Fast Facts

A quick look at the results of numerous e-commerce surveys

Seeing Red

Online tool for tracking and sorting billable hours and expenses

To The Max

Aqcess Technologies' Altus Qbe Personal Computing Tablet

Get Connected

Xircom CreditCard Modem 56-GlobalACCESS

The Skinny

Sharp's Actius PC-A800 Super Slim Notebook&nbsp;&nbsp;

Good News

Women Business Centers gain additional funding

Copy That

Epson America's Expression 1600 Pro Scanner  

High Return

Here are a few tips from the experts to make sure your calls get returned.

Crash And Burn

Your Web site will go down, but the right hosting company can keep disaster from being an everyday occurrence.

Wise Buys

Reviews of e-Citi's Bizzed.com, Virtual Media Technologies' DefendNet, and OpenOrders' OpenWeb Connect software


Leading the disabled from unemployment to self-employment


Results of compensation survey of dot.com executives


Use this incubator to hatch your business in 90 days or less.


New CD-ROM is a starting point for Web neophytes.

Soul Searching

Looking for a better business? Start inside.

New Dimensions

Fitness equipment inventor

Let the Good Times Roll

Franchising isn't just about burgers and windshield repair (not that there's anything wrong with that). Nowadays, it's about having fun.

2nd Annual Hot List

For these nine young millionaires, the big bucks didn't just happen. They made it happen--and you can, too.

Bank On It

You haven't seen a bank teller since you got your first ATM card? Now virtual banks are eliminating reason after reason for us to go to physical banks at all.

Bring It On

There's nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. In fact, it's what some entrepreneurs live for.

Poor Health

If you're waiting on the government or anyone else to do something about the rising costs of health benefits, face facts: If you want costs cut right, you have to cut them yourself.

Federal Contracts

Partner with the government's contractors.

Quick Guide To Business Travel

Stretch your travel dollars further than the other guy with the latest business innovations & our annual Business Travel Awards.

Bay Of Gigs

Watch out, San Francisco! The Internet is upon you.

Under Pressure

Every time the phone rings, it's a stressed-out employee calling in sick. What can you do?

The Fall Guys

Cashing in on an accident-without litigation

The Cluetrain Manifesto

The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as Usual

Make The Best Of It

Optimizer (noun): an entrepreneur who knows how to take care of No. 1

So Close, Yet...

It may seem like the Internet is everyone's formula for success, but are minorities being left out of the equation?

Turning The Page

Catalog maven John Peterman deals with a new chapter&nbsp;.&nbsp;.&nbsp;.&nbsp;Chapter 11.

Power Shopping

Women are doing it; new data indicates just how much.


Management Recruiters International puts people in their place.

Final Chapter

Chapter 7, Chapter 11-your customer's gone bankrupt? Here's what to do.

Speak English?

Get your workers English-proficient and the benefits are legion.

Your Business After Divorce

Promise to love, honor and cherish your business--even if you share it with your ex-spouse.

Playing Fair

You promote fairly at your company-but you'll have to prove it when the EEOC comes calling.

Who Knows?

Employees come and go, but how do you get their knowledge to stick around?

21 Quick Startup Fixes

Starting to think Murphy's Law was written just for you? Don't worry--these practical solutions should get you back on track fast.

Damage Control

If you've got shareholders, you better get D and O liability insurance.

The Parent Trap

Let parents stay home to care for a newborn-and pay them for it? The debate rages on over employee rights.

Auction Fever

Is there really gold in government auctions?

Don't Write That Check

Creative ways to compensate professionals for their services

Audit Alert

Keeping good records from the start is the key to surviving an IRS audit.

Cooking Up Business

Is starting a restaurant your entrepreneurial dream?

Turbines To Tuxedos

This former aerospace owner takes dressing for success seriously.

Roommate Wanted

Sharing space can conserve your start-up cash.

Automatic Transition

AAMCO Transmissions gears a program toward a second generation of owners.

Knowledge Is Power

Go back to school to learn everything you need to know about franchising.

Cutting Edge

Her child's bad experience inspires one woman's booming business.

What's Cooking

Two brothers give customers a great environment to relax and just hang out in.

1-800 EZ Marketing

Can one number hold the key to sure-fire franchise success?

Powerful Partners

Why do it yourself when you can have someone else market your invention?


Find the courses you need online.

To Serve And Protect

If you're worried about viruses or hackers wreaking havoc on your system, take some precautionary measures-and breathe a little easier.

Wise Buys

Reviews of Smart Online's Smart Attorney and Smart Business; eServices for Microsoft Office; Clickbook 2000; Proj Clock; and MailTracker's Postage $aver

Flat is Where It's At

...but flat-screen monitors are too expensive, right? Check out the latest CRTs for a pleasant surprise.

Media Madness

Catching it can pay off.

Your Favorite Bureaucracy Goes Digital

Privacy experts reel as the IRS rolls out a pilot program to transmit tax information via e-mail.

Service To A Tee

How can I wear my expertise on my sleeve?

. . . And In Health

Despite an industry upheaval and two gravely ill sons, this health-care entrepreneur discovered the prescription for perseverance.

Make It Clear

Help! Everybody misunderstands what I do.

Extra Credit

Want to boost your sales? Go back to school.

Road Notes

Deals from Continental Airlines, Alamo Rent A Car and 1travel.com

A Clip In Time . . .

Have a clipping service do your media sleuthing for you.


Dissatisfied customers; influencing customers

Star Search

Here's your chance to score big with your big idea.

Said the Spider

Learn sales from our eight-legged friend's greatest architectural accomplishment.

Desperate Times

...do not call for desperate measures--pick employees carefully.

Cracking Wise

Negotiations going badly? Yuk it up.

Team Effort

Cutting your marketing costs through cross-promotion

Warp . . . Uh . . . Web Speed

Survey regarding people's attitudes about the Net

Make A Splash

A name like the Toilet-Seat Light can have Thomas Edison rolling in his grave, but it can't sell a product on its own.

Change Of Face

Entrepreneurial shapeshifters may be in one business today and something entirely different tomorrow. The key is knowing when it's time to change focus.

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