Entrepreneur Magazine: May 2000

Featured Article

Taking A Ribbing

Birth of a food-chain mogul: a childhood love of barbecue, a few of life's lessons and a little divine guidance to shrink the ego.

Ink Different

If your product isn't selling, then draw it a new image.

Karmic Business

Dealmakers get what they give.

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Growth Strategies

There <i>Will</i> Be a Test

Reduce turnover--and heighten success--by measuring motivation <i>before</i> you hire.

Fast 5

Five things you and your employees should never say to a customer

Just Clip It

Have you considered taking your coupons to the Net?

See And Be Seen

Minimize competition-and maximize results-by putting your advertising dollars where your customers live, work and play.

Spin City

Put a new spin on your sales pitch with a CD-ROM.

Blue-Collar Blues

Proposed tax credit promises to fill the labor gap for small manufacturing companies.

Are You Ready?

Preparing tomorrow's insurance claim today will save you time, energy-and headaches.

Actions Speak Loudest

Sinner? Saint? All eyes are on you, and your employees<i> will</i> pass judgment.
Growth Strategies

In A Fix

You can fix your car. You can fix your cat. But you can't fix your prices.

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