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May 2000

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May 2000

Entrepreneur | May 2000
May 2000
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A Quick Plug

Long overdue G.lite modems will make DSL installation a snap.

Word Talk

WordPerfect tip site

Prints Plus

Quick printing and delivery of documents

Customize It

Create your own portal.

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Fast Facts

Internet and technology statistics

Stay Afloat

Web page capture and retrieval made simple

Birds Of A Feather

Viewsonic's LITEBIRD DLP XGA projector

Just In Case

Quantum Creations' LapPro portable PC case

Need A Lift?

Kensington Adjustable Monitor Lift

Not For Prying Eyes

Hewlett-Packard's HP Vectra VL 600 desktop computer </P>

Good Save

Create a personalized archive of Web sites.

The Price Is Wrong?

How to know if you're overpaying for phone service

In-Gene-Ious Investing

Genetic research is taking the world into the future, so don't get left behind. Invest in it.

Help! You Need Somebody!

...and not just anybody. Here's how to find the right Internet professional to help you with that Web site.

Wise Buys

Reviews of Computer Pundits' Goofyguys.com computer help Web site, Wells Fargo's One-Stop eStore e-commerce help, and Vertex's eQuantum software for sales and tax use.

No Hot Air

The SBA's participating securities program proves SBICs can help companies get off the ground.

Pound For Pound

We put Windows 2000 up against the other operating systems to see if it tips the scales in your favor.

Home Sweet Home

I want to make the most out of my recuperation at home.

Hook, Line...

And sinker. How can we bait, catch and keep business?

Good News

Homebased collection agencies really are collecting.

Stamp Of Disapproval

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the Post Office . . .

"Trust Me"

. . . isn't enough for most banks when it comes to lending to high-tech start-ups. How to cozy up to bankers and get the financing you need

Two Tickets To Paradise

Start your own adventure/specialty travel agency.

You're Fired!

Congratulations on getting canned. Now you can finally do what you want to do-on your own terms.

We've Got a Secret

Dare we say the "F" word? Fulfillment, that is. It ain't easy to fill all those website orders, but it ain't impossible. We show you how.

Class Of '98

Where are they now? We reunite with four entrepreneurial alumni to find out if that degree paid off.

What Have You Become?

You have employees you don't recognize, sales you can't keep track of and a business that's grown way beyond "small." Do you even remember when everything was just innocent and entrepreneurial?

Lost Generation

. . . and found generation. Introducing the generation called Jones

Personal Space

Looks like an office, smells like an office . . . well, even if it doesn't, it's an office.

Say What?

Nobody likes it when they don't know what you're talking about.

Tell Webster

Is it time to change the way we define minority entrepreneur?

Replace Your Space

It <i>slices</i> away excess hardware...it <i>dices</i> the bulkier competition: The desktop replacement notebook kicks your tower to the curb.

New Harvest

Sights . . . sounds . . . and seeds-all at the latest California Gift Show

Beauty Is In The Eye

. . . of the importer. Here's how to find the strange and exotic and make a pretty penny at it

In The Cards

There's no predicting the best way to earn mileage, so do your research.

Road Notes

Deals from Hertz, Midwest Express Airlines, and OpenTable.com

Trolling For Techies

The IT worker is a rare fish these days. If you're gonna catch one, just bring the right bait.

Fight Club

Handheld OS rivals are coming out swinging.

Pick A Pro, Any Pro

Browse the credentials of the experts to find the answers you need.

Actions Speak Loudest

Sinner? Saint? All eyes are on you, and your employees<i> will</i> pass judgment.

It's a Secret

So keep it that way--protect your proprietary information.

Give It Away

Are you still making all the business decisions? Stop-and share them with your employees.

Having Fun Yet?

Staples of the productive workplace: PCs, copiers . . . and toys

It's All in the Delivery

They all bring the package to your door--so what's the difference?

Where To Begin?

A variety of incubators nationwide help fledgling businesses take flight.

A Helping Hand

Maybe you can't pay more, but you can still help low-wage workers stay healthy, happy and working for you.

Good Company

Are you next in line to own the family business? Don't go it alone--peer groups can help.

In A Fix

You can fix your car. You can fix your cat. But you can't fix your prices.

Mean Mail

You got someone else's mail-and it says you're a meathead.

Are You Ready?

Preparing tomorrow's insurance claim today will save you time, energy-and headaches.

Blue-Collar Blues

Proposed tax credit promises to fill the labor gap for small manufacturing companies.

Spin City

Put a new spin on your sales pitch with a CD-ROM.

See And Be Seen

Minimize competition-and maximize results-by putting your advertising dollars where your customers live, work and play.

Just Clip It

Have you considered taking your coupons to the Net?

Fast 5

Five things you and your employees should never say to a customer

There <i>Will</i> Be a Test

Reduce turnover--and heighten success--by measuring motivation <i>before</i> you hire.

Ink Different

If your product isn't selling, then draw it a new image.

Secret To My Financing

Entrepreneurs share how they got their start-up funds

Break The Chain

Need an audience for your latest invention? Skip the giant retail chains-mail-order catalogs might do a better job of hitting your target.

Boob Tube Budgeting

Money management for couch potatoes--even the entrepreneurial variety

Net Benefits

Taking retirement to the people--one modem at a time

Fast Track

How this health and wellness services company got financing

It's The Law

How does the new budget act affect your patent?

RoadBlock Busters

What's stopping you from starting your business—and what can you do about it?

Business Band-Aid

The 1997 Taxpayer Relief Act offered small doses of relief.

Ladies First

So it's said. But women are still debating ways to battle the old boy network.

In The Mix

What does it take to make a personal care and health dotcom from scratch? Let's ask the voice of experience, ingredients.com's Katherine Legatos.

Speaking Franklin

We're not saying grab your kite and run out into a storm, but if you're cooking up entrepreneurial spirit, Ben's is the recipe to follow.

Taking A Ribbing

Birth of a food-chain mogul: a childhood love of barbecue, a few of life's lessons and a little divine guidance to shrink the ego.

Not For Keeps

You paid for your software, but it doesn't belong to you.

Opening Ceremonies

Your company's grand opening could be your best marketing plan.

No Minor Problem

Increasing ethnic minority franchisees

For The Kids

One retail store adopts a sense of responsibility.

Pile In The Van

. . . and take landscape design mobile.

What A Ride!

A new president shifts Cottman Transmissions into high gear.

That's the Ticket

A great support network is just what you'll need in the rapidly changing travel industry.

Book It

Need great employees? Run-don't walk-to your nearest school.

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