Entrepreneur Magazine: August 2000

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Under The Sun

Thanks to all the news about Microsoft, a future of all-Internet technology has swamped magazines and TV lately, but for Sun Microsystems' Scott McNealy, ideas like those are nothing new.

Wise Buys

Reviews of ClickStamp Online, an Internet postage solution, and BuyByByte, a Web site that allows merchants to post items for sale for free

Mr. Fix-It

The man to call when your business's finances are more fixer-upper than fantastic

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Speaking Freely

Are you breaking First Amendment law when you fire that loudmouthed employee?

Take It With You

Toshiba's Portege 7200CT notebook computer

It's a Draw

When talks hit deadlocks, you can take stock, stop the clock or take a walk.

They Hate You.They Really, Really Hate You

What to do when you're the target of an anti-employer Web site

Viva Las Lasers

Low-priced laser printer can handle most small-office tasks.

Get Noticed

If it's not distinctive, it won't sell.

Expert Help

Boards give experienced advice.

Culture Club

Cultural diversity is this entrepreneur's game.

Perfect Fit

For this franchisee, incorporating a rental-car business into his lube-and-tune was just right.