Entrepreneur Magazine: September 2000

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Quick Guide To Insurance

Pick your agent. Pick your insurance. Pick the business disaster you're most afraid of and insure against it.

Bogus Bills

Phony charges on your phone bill? You've been crammed!

The Bare Minimum

Why pay big bucks for PCs with fancy functions you don't need?

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Home Is Where the Money Is

And improving the home is where today's franchises are headed.

Keeping Track

Don't look for your package in the lost property office.

Don't Just Kick the Tires

Use these tips to avoid buying one of the worst cars of the century.

Rest Insured

Keeping the brakes on car insurance costs

A Sharp Opener

In sales-letter writing, it's the most important weapon for capturing your reader's attention.

Got Net?

10 great Web businesses to start now

Use Your Head

It's not enough just to sell anymore. Now every potential client is looking for a few creative ideas to go with your sales pitch.

It's My Party

And you may be crying if you stick with it come Election Day. Entrepreneurial concerns don't necessarily fall along Democrat/Republican lines, so know which candidate is best for your business.

Not Wired

Flash: The Internet is not the final frontier for way-of-life-changing industries. Such opportunities seem to be opening up every time you turn around. Next up: wireless services.