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September 2000

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September 2000

Entrepreneur | September 2000
September 2000
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Quick Guide To Insurance

Pick your agent. Pick your insurance. Pick the business disaster you're most afraid of and insure against it.

Home Is Where the Money Is

And improving the home is where today's franchises are headed.

Keeping Track

Don't look for your package in the lost property office.

Don't Just Kick the Tires

Use these tips to avoid buying one of the worst cars of the century.

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Rest Insured

Keeping the brakes on car insurance costs

A Sharp Opener

In sales-letter writing, it's the most important weapon for capturing your reader's attention.

Got Net?

10 great Web businesses to start now

Use Your Head

It's not enough just to sell anymore. Now every potential client is looking for a few creative ideas to go with your sales pitch.

It's My Party

And you may be crying if you stick with it come Election Day. Entrepreneurial concerns don't necessarily fall along Democrat/Republican lines, so know which candidate is best for your business.

Not Wired

Flash: The Internet is not the final frontier for way-of-life-changing industries. Such opportunities seem to be opening up every time you turn around. Next up: wireless services.

Stop-Gap Measures

Is bringing two age groups together under one business roof brewing success or inviting each other to a nightmare? Meet two sets of entrepreneurs who made their differences work-and one who couldn't span the generation gap.


It's sometimes the little things that are crucial in international business.

In For the Count

Sharing the wealth is what it's all about.

Money Master

Helping women overcome their Achilles' heel

Road Notes

Deals from Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Expedia.com and Hilton Honors

Web Escapes

Where to click after you've booked your trip

All Gussied Up

Make money by makin' people prettier.

Wrestling for Pretzels

Or vice versa. Twisting dough and twisting on mats--how they combine for big charity

What's New

Updates on the latest happenings at PetPeople Franchise Systems Inc. and Personnel Services Inc.

After Hours

A franchisee goes above and beyond.

Drill Bit Player

Here's a creative opportunity that turns the tables on your fear of the dentist.

Passing The Bread

Subway's co-founder helps you with your start-up dough

Experts Wanted

What it really takes to succeed as a consultant

Equippin' The Kids

.Isn't always expensive: Here it led to profitable inventions.

Get Exports Moving

The SBA offers international trade tips.

Make 'Em Talk

Jump-start sales the simple way—with endorsements.

Coverage For All

Can I get insured even though I have a pre-existing health condition?

Small But Special

Is it possible for a new company to compete in the online books market?

He's Giving It Away!

Think philanthropy is a dotcom <i>don't</i>? Anthony Parks would like a word with you.


Center answers intellectual property questions.


Business-plan contest targets Peach State entrepreneurs.


Credit card company creates entrepreneur-friendly program.

Lumbering To Success

Someone said, "Try and try again." Tom Sullivan did and ended a string of soured businesses by selling old lumber, proving that you can make a successful business out of almost anything.

An Ergonomic War

OSHA and the GOP clash over a new rule

Oldie But A Goody

Though it may sound antiquated, boiler and machinery insurance is a modern necessity.

Web Site

A concierge-type service for your employees

It's A Given

Sure, charities and nonprofits benefit from employee volunteer programs, but what about your business?


Creepy competitors raiding your work force? The law can be the perfect bug spray.

Leaving Business Back at the Office

If the family business is seeping its way into every off-hours conversation, it's time to draw the line on shop talk.

Web Site

A new site from the U.S. Chamber Of Commerce offers tools for small businesses.

Training Ground

In a tight labor market, try asking, "Can this applicant learn to do the job?"

Bad Bait

You're dangling an incentive-program carrot, but no one's biting. What now?

Keeping Watch

Monitoring employees? "They'll never notice" is not the way to start.

More Than A Fling

If you're courting your customers just for that initial sale, you're missing out on the long-term advantages of CRM.

Free Lunch

Don't underestimate the value of free food when seeking employees.

Down And Out

Deny a pink-slipped manager a chance to be "bumped down," and you could get in trouble.

A Reason to Stay

Incentives provide the "golden handcuffs" that keep employees from getting away.

Kick It Up a Notch

Want to turn up the heat on your marketing campaign? Start by turning cold contacts into hot prospects.

Control Freak

You are Type A. You are in negotiations. Take charge.

Follow The Leader

. . . and discover five traits the great ones share.


What's the best way to make amends with customers you've ticked off?

Web Site

Free Internet access for Spanish-speaking Web surfers

Cooking Up Clients

The sweet rewards of bringing cookies on sales calls

Sounds Fishy

Invent your own news story? Why not?

House Passes Estate Tax Repeal

Update of the bill's progress through Congress

Greed <i>Isn't</i> Good

Be careful when deciding what to pay yourself, because Uncle Sam's watching.

Your Feature Presentation

Be a star when you audition in front of investors for a role in their venture-capital portfolios.

New To You?

Did ya hear the one about the lesser-known SBA loan program?

Wise Words

In business, the learning curve is steep-don't take a leap.

Web Site

News and information on any public company

And On Your Left . . .

What are investors looking for when they take the tour of your business?

Inside Investing

Ever wonder what goes on behind the doors of a venture capital firm?

Web Site

Need business-quality Web-hosted applications? Check out this site.

Wise Buys

Reviews of Tiny Personal Firewall software, Xtime online scheduling solutions and TakeCharge! Accounting software

Of Mobile Birth

Will PDAs commingle with cell phones to form a go-anywhere, do-anything handheld hybrid?

Wise Buys

Reviews of Responsys Jumpstart, Zoomerang and eDepot.com's eCourse

Site in Shining Armor

Your personal quest for intellectual property protection on the Net

Gray Matters

A new study takes another look at cell phone risk.

Picture This

Epson's PhotoPC 3000Z digital zoom camera

Write Me

Plextor's PlexWriter 12/4/32 SCSI CD-R/RW

Fast Facts

Internet and technology statistics

Go Speed Go

A service that provides quick delivery of documents nationwide

Go The Distance

Want lower phone rates? Here's one option.

Beat Scene

Equal parts underground icon and mainstream phenomenon, today's deejay has the best of both worlds.

Watt's Up!: The Power of Touch

The cost is nothing. The potential is limitless. Welcome to the future of a "touch" economy.

Close Up: Space Investor

Find out one successful entrepreneur's plans for his future in space.

Virtual Estate

What are domain names going for these days?

Hot Food: Techie Take Out

All work and no food spawns a new line of easy edibles.

What Gives?

Apparently not the SBA when it came to the Small Disadvantaged Business certification program.

The End of Entrepreneurship as We Know It?

Yeah, dotcoms have made the venture capital market volatile; sure, corporate employees are offered entrepreneur-esque development opportunities; but if I recall, we got into this game to take the risk and own our own businesses!

Palms Across America

A review of the latest Palms and Pocket PCs on the market

Sell Block

You're a great business owner, but how good of a salesperson are you? Read these tips if you want to improve your less-than-stellar sales skills.

Dress Is More

Tips for dressing for success no matter your style

I Got The Blues

One company's experience with the cash-flow blues and how it lived to sell again

It's About Time

Time management tips for making the most of your busy days

My Buddy and Me

Got an idea for a cool promotional product? Read how this entrepreneur turned her simple idea into a successful business.

Privacy, Please

The importance of having a sound privacy policy

Reality Check

The 12 most common myths of Net start-ups-and the realities that will save you from the dotcom graveyard

Bridging The Gap

Ol' Will Shakespeare said it centuries ago: ''Crabbed age and youth cannot live together.'' Maybe not. But they can incorporate.

No Place Like Home

If home is where the heart is, then your business belongs there, too. Here are 10 of today's hottest homebased businesses.

Bogus Bills

Phony charges on your phone bill? You've been crammed!

The Bare Minimum

Why pay big bucks for PCs with fancy functions you don't need?

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