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January 2001

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January 2001

Entrepreneur | January 2001
January 2001
Entrepreneur Magazine

Finger-Lickin' Good

If you think businesses need big, grimy cities to succeed, check out Lexington, Kentucky, and decide for yourself whether the grass is bluer on the other side.

What Are You Doing, Dave?

Big Brother didn't show up in 1984, but in 2001, technology and fiction are finally starting to see eye to eye. So what is your business doing about it?

On The Horizon

To ensure success is in your future, keep your goals in sight.

True Value

Sure, you can seal the deal, but is it worth the effort? Here's how to decide.

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All In A Day's Work

Crush negativity, brand your name, get in touch with your caveman roots-with a little reading.


Funding available to entrepreneurs in underserved areas


Link up with government and private contracts online.

Idea Conference

Get business pointers from great innovators.


Let UCLA sharpen your management skills.

Toot Your Own Horn

Would you water-ski from a blimp to promote your Web site?

The Profiler

Do you know your customers? This ASP gets personal.

Data For Dollars

In the information age, knowledge not only matters, it also sells.

Hot Sport: Making A Racket

Everything old is new again as tennis's fresh young faces deliver a whole new generation of fans.

Close Up: Virtual Celebrity

Taking a look at the world's first cyber newscaster, Ananova

Deep Trouble

Do the links on your site lead to home pages? If not, your business could face legal risks.

A Better Plan

Organizing your day-to-day is just a click away.

Shape Up

Your best fitness coach may be right at your fingertips.

Inc. Easy

Everything you always wanted to know about incorporating and the laws surrounding it

The Numbers

Quick-hitting statistics about e-commerce

Fax Away

Panasonic's KX-FPC95 compact fax


We've called the race . . . and this time there's no dispute. In this year's Franchise 500, Subway is No. 1.

Hoop Dreams

When you're having trouble finding a manufacturer for your product, these ideas may help you locate the one you want.

Desk Jobs

If you're looking to buy a desktop computer--or looking to upgrade the one you have--check out these new models.

Hot Properties

What's the one thing almost every entrepreneur needs these days? A domain name. Here's a closer look at the business of buying and selling domains.

Beep, Beep!

Step aside, trailblazers of old. Today's young entrepreneurs have proved your last name doesn't have to be "Gates" to make your mark.

2nd Annual Million-Dollar Ideas

Our picks for the 15 best business ideas for 2001

Presidential Secrets

It's time to research some franchises. Grab your UFOCs . . . and your history book?

Funny Money

OK, there's nothing funny about money--but when standard franchise financing doesn't happen, it's time to start using your entrepreneurial wits.

Write The Wrongs

The story of how one Entrepreneur columnist crashed and burned when he bought a franchise.

Com Pack

Airpacks' AirPower.com ergonomic backpack

Capital Shakeout

Institutional investors put the squeeze on VCs. What does it mean for you?

Giving Credit

New cards make life easier for your business and customers.

Insider Lending

Learn what SBA lenders really look for-and how to give it to 'em.

Fast Cash

Catch a major-league SBA loan in just hours with a "preferred" lender.

Last Words

Will closing costs be the death knell of your new loan?

Go Figure!

Ever wonder just what investors are looking for when they pore over all those numbers in your financial statements?

Late Bloomer

The IRS' antiquated computer system is finally getting a boost.

Power Lines

Wire services help you get the word out.

Altered Vista

More visas = more choices for high-tech companies seeking skilled workers

Plan On Failing

When your employees screw up-and they will-how should you deal with it?

Parting Gifts

Give to employees when they leave, so you'll get more while they're here.

Fast Track

Music can inspire more than masses--it also helped this entrepreneur start a leadership training business.

Web Site

Find out how you can be a profitable company and still be environmentally conscious.

Statute Of Liberty

What to do with your debilitatingly fatigued, your pregnant, your deathly ill yearning to be free from work for 12 weeks

Get Psyched

Psychological testing doesn't have to lead to padded walls and straitjackets-it could lead to smarter hiring decisions.

Public Policy

Avoid a pre-IPO disaster by getting the right financial insurance.

Span Control

How many employees directly reporting to you is too many?


Time's up for the illusion that dotcom guarantees success. If you're still in the game, lucky you. If you're not, take solace in knowing the rest of us are learning from your mistakes.

We're (Not) #1

Why playing second fiddle to an industry leader may be music to your ears

Have Dots & Have Nots

The staff at your brick-and-mortar business are jealous of your dotcommers. How can you keep the peace?

Fast Facts

Internet and technology statistics

Why You Should Hire a Translator

You say "tomato," they say "pomodoro"-and you need an interpreter.

*N Multisync

NEC-Mitsubishi's MultiSync LCD1800 flat panel display

Many Happy Returns

You were thrilled by holiday sales-don't be chilled by post-holiday returns.

Wise Buys

Product review of NetMechanic's new service, Search Engine Power Pack

Book Review

Review of <i>Loyalty Marketing for the Internet Age</i>

Rage Against The Machine

LoveBugs, Qaz and the Attack of the Zombie PCs-who's your friend in cyberspace? Nobody.

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Purchasing isn't the only option when your company needs new equipment.

Electric Avenue

The path between your PC and the wall outlet is fraught with power-surging peril. Can your equipment cope?

Windows For Me?

Microsoft's latest operating system could be the right fit for your business.

<i>Entrepreneur</i>'s 22nd Annual Franchise 500

A closer look at this year's ranking of the top 500 franchises

Fair Financing

Female entrepreneurs are still working for it.

Food Fight

Staying healthy on the road is a battle.

Road Notes

New services from Midwest Express Airlines, Marriott and Thrifty Car Rental

Eat Your Heart Out, Hasselhoff

The latest auto technology puts Knight Rider's K.I.T.T. to shame.

Silent Partners

How to help your office wallflowers blossom


What all those fancy-schmancy tech certificates really mean

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