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April 2001

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April 2001

Entrepreneur | April 2001
April 2001
Entrepreneur Magazine

Spun Gold

Entrepreneur's 3rd annual top Web sites for small business. We've picked the best. Now put them to the test and rank them yourself!

Fast Facts

Internet and technology statistics

Digital Dining

I'll take the number 0. And the number 1. And the number 0 . . .

Road Notes

New services from Slingshot Communications and Hertz

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It's a Bra!

How one woman gave birth to a $100,000 product

A Woman's Place

Tech incubators nurture women-owned firms.

Pulp Fiction?

Next on digital's acquisition list: paper

Sign On The Digital Line

E-signatures are now legally binding. Why should you care?

Grow Up!

The Web makes it easy to expand your business.

The Price Is Right?

Looking for a deal on your next purchase? This site offers info on the average price of most products out there.

Fine-Tuned Engine

A search engine that does no searching--but offers remarkable results

Know Thy Customer

Get free demographic information at this handy site.

Reliable Sources

Are we finally gonna get some useful travel information out of the Web?

G Pressure

With the next generation of wireless imminent, is WAP worth the trouble?


Hoodman's E2000 Laptop Hood offers privacy and cuts down on glare.


Bosswave's FinRing is a fully functional mouse that attaches to your fingertip

Think Fast!

WinBook's Si2 850 mobile PC incorporates an Intel Pentium III 850MHz processor.

Gotta Have It!

Impulse buying on the Web? Why not? Sometimes all customers need is a little nudge.

Wise Buys

Product reviews of KnowEx Solutions' KnowEx Interact Small Business Edition customer service software, WebMap Technologies' visual Web navigation techonology, and Yahoo!'s Business Express listing service

Out With The Old

You can't just throw your old PCs away-for one thing, they contain harmful chemicals. So how do you get rid of them?

Sneak Preview

Microsoft unveils its newest, sort of.

Too Little, Too Late?

Only time will tell whether the Fed's interest rate cuts will help entrepreneurs.

Tech-Support Company

Turn people's baffling computer mishaps into a money-making opportunity.

3rd Annual 10 Under 30

When failure is just fuel to press on and success is never taken for granted, good things are bound to happen. For these million-dollar businesses, make that very good things.

Dotcom Overload

It's not enough just to have ".com" at the end of your business's name anymore. These days, you need some serious marketing strategies to help you rise above the dotcom shakeout.

Personal Appearance

The best face to put on your business is your own.

Pricing Perils

Should you lower prices to lure new business?

Close Encounter

Sometimes you need more than a handshake to seal the deal.

Begging For Scraps?

Just because you're the underdog doesn't mean you can't win.

Under Fire

Will a crisis take your company down? Here's how deft handling can turn public opinion around.

Web Site

Post your advertising wish list and wait for companies to respond with ad price quotes.

Roll With The Punches

Trouble and strife-just how well do you handle them?

Paperless Trail

Could B2B e-payments replace traditional transactions?

Web Site

Commentary and research on business from The Wharton School

Leave No Loan Unturned

Check out the SBA's new guarantee limits.

Vetting The Vendor

Buying equipment? Read the fine print before you let your vendor do the financing.

Updated = Upgraded

Do changes at the IRS really mean better service for you?

Universal Language

U.S. investors aren't the only ones who know a good deal when they see it.

It's The Gas, Gas, Gas

When fuel prices rise, business owners' fancy turns to great gas mileage.

Heavy Duty

Need a real workhorse? These vehicles are glad to oblige.

Spotlight On: Mercedes-Benz C240

Take a look at this upscale, reasonably priced sedan from the German automaker.

Generational Gyrations

The business cycle gives rise to generations of haves and have-nots: How do "jealous" Gen Xers manage "arrogant" Yers?

Full Day's Work

Morning's over, but Dunkin' Donuts' sales aren't.

Cool For Canines

Ice cream has really gone to the dogs.

Coming Down

Recession or no recession, business as usual won't do in 2001.

Walk The Line

How far can you push the perfect opportunity?

Quick Guide to Business Travel

Our 8th Annual Business Travel Awards, plus news on the latest online booking options, travel taxes and road warrior health tips

Feeling Powerless

Energy crises are doing more than making news and fueling fears of impending eco-doom; they're also really, really bad for business.

And Then?

These little piggybackers went aftermarket . . . and reaped the benefits of a built-in consumer base.

Risk Is All

A hammock out back is comfortable. La-Z-Boys are comfortable. Entrepreneurship? Not so comfortable.

Inventing Business

People want to start businesses. They just need an idea: yours.

What Do Ya Wanna Be?

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneurial superstar?

Friendly Takeover

One franchise wasn't enough for Molly Maid.

Cities Of Gold

Help local businesses make money from locals--online.

Future Shock

Sorry, no flying cars--but Arby's has a new kitchen . . .

A Poultry Sum

Charo's Chicken is taking flight with near-million sales.

Dream Weaver

Latino funding program helps a small-business wish come true.

Gaining Stream

Coming soon to a mobile phone near you

Web Site

Let this site help you put together a competitive benefits package.

Before You Bid . . .

Guide details state procurement programs

Fit For Work

Everyone wins with health promotion programs.

Hush Hush

Keep your mouth shut about a new product you're developing, and you may gain the foothold you need to succeed.

Double Up

Use your existing infrastructure to support your second business.

Bidding Wars

Should you match an offer an employee gets from another company?

New Exec On The Block

Help your new executives succeed from the start.

It Does The Business Good

Philanthropy could help your family as much as it benefits others.

Pay as You Go

The logical way to pay workers' compensation premiums

Hill Beat Blues

Out with the old, in with very little representation for entrepreneurs

Safe Harbor

As if it weren't bad enough to have someone "go postal" at your workplace, you can be held liable for the injury and death.

Web Site

Find the office space you need at this online "For Lease" site.

South Carolina

New chamber created to help entrepreneurs

Ones To Grow On

Business feeling sluggish? Here are some books to help it grow big and strong.

They're Survivors, Too

What's the secret to their success in the dotcom world? People.

The Road Fast Traveled

Tired of being in the Information Superhighway's slow lane? Here's how to change gears.

Too Taxing

Online sales taxes: How much and who gets it?

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