Entrepreneur Magazine: September 2005

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Retire Rich

Entrepreneurs are good at growing businesses, but when it comes to personal portfolios, many all too often fall short. Experts share tips, strategies and secrets for the best ways you can accumulate wealth and retire rich.

Designer Babies

Munchkin couture is all the rage with hip parents.

Parent Trap

Entrepreneurs wonder what effect their businesses have on their kids.

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Money Buzz 9/05

Longer-term mortgages, monitoring your 401(k) provider and more

Sage Advice

Can Confucius' wisdom make you a better marketer?

Spices of Life

Offering a taste of India in a casual setting, these two restaurateurs bring ethnic food to the masses.

Name Your Price

Stumped about what to charge? Setting prices is both an art and a science--and a little bit of guesswork. Here's how to figure it out.

Join Hands

Pair an inventor's idea with your business know-how, and get ready for success.

Answer the Call

Two companies ring in much-needed new phone systems.

Are You Ready for Virtual Collaboration?

To keep the floor open for your team's innovative ideas at any time of the day or night, bring your brainstorming online.

In the Driver's Seat

While navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, your independence is your best asset.

Taking Sides

Right-brain skills are gaining ground in the business world.