Entrepreneur Magazine: September 2005

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Retire Rich

Entrepreneurs are good at growing businesses, but when it comes to personal portfolios, many all too often fall short. Experts share tips, strategies and secrets for the best ways you can accumulate wealth and retire rich.

Better Than Ever

Mad Science looks back at their year in a Cinderella story after winning <i>Entrepreneur</i> and Xerox's 2004 office makeover contest.

It Figures 09/05

Hispanic consumers, unhealthy entrepreneurs and more

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Resources 09/05

Websites, organizations, events and more to grow your business

The Real Deal

What's it really like to be embezzled, expand internationally, or sell your product to Target? Get the inside scoop from these entrepreneurs on the ultimate highs (and lows) of business ownership.

Show Me the Money

You don't need big bucks to start a franchise--you just need the right source of funding.

Name Your Price

Stumped about what to charge? Setting prices is both an art and a science--and a little bit of guesswork. Here's how to figure it out.

Join Hands

Pair an inventor's idea with your business know-how, and get ready for success.

Shout It Out

Be proud of your success--and fearless in speaking up about it.

Learning Curve

A class consulting project can be a great way to learn entrepreneurship.

Smart Ideas 09/05

Customized dollhouses, DNA testing and more

What's New 09/05

Power napping is the latest stage of sleep.