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October 2006

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October 2006

Entrepreneur | October 2006
October 2006
Entrepreneur Magazine

Young Millionaires

Our 2006 picks prove age doesn't matter when building a successful business.

Should You Require a Signature?

Should you be using electronic signatures?

High Roller

Taking a gamble on the online poker trend made this tech entrepreneur a big winner.

How You Can Use Location-Based Services

Now all you need is Wi-Fi to find out what's nearby.

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Pay With a Cell Phone?

New technology could help cell phone payments thrive.

Data Backup for Mobile Warriors

For teleworkers, backing up your virtual office is not optional.

Get Your Site Ready for the Holidays

Tis the season for sales, so make sure your site is ready.

Online Payment Options

Credit cards aren't the only way to pay online these days.

Adding Pizzaz to Printouts

Liven up pale printouts with a color printer or multifunction device.

Small-Business Answer Book

Get the answers to your crucial business questions in the first section of our three-part series.

Say Goodbye to Early Termination Fees

The early termination fee on your cell contract feels like a ball and chain, but now one carrier wants to set you free. Who will follow?

Make a Great First Impression

You never get a second chance to grab your audience's attention, so give center stage to a headline that really turns heads.

Serious Multitasking

A helmet athletes can wear for any sport in any season? Now, that's using your head.

Soy's Making Waves Among Smart Business Owners

This little bean is making a big difference in dozens of industries.

Love at First Sip

Investors were immediately attracted by this pair's passion for their juice brand.

Bands of Angels

Angel investors are getting together-and acting like VCs.

Get Schooled

Now that you know you can learn to be an entrepreneur, the annual ranking of entrepreneurship programs from The Princeton Review and <i>Entrepreneur</i> magazine shows you which schools get students into the entrepreneurial spirit.

Movin' On Up

Neighborhood renewals open new doors for entrepreneurs.

New School

The current education system does entrepreneurs no favors.

Think Big

Yes, you can win big contracts-with a bit of help.

Raising the Minimum Wage

Will a higher minimum wage hurt entrepreneurs? Many say no.

Like A Book

Daniel Goleman explains the virtues of reading people.

Are Barter Sites Right for You?

Online bartering sites want to change how consumers shop.

Are You Paid Up?

Don't let payroll taxes get lost when you outsource.

Ready for Google Video?

Video advertising has gone live on Google. Is it right for you?

On the Fence

Entrepreneurs weigh in on the immigration debate.

The Affordable SUV

Plenty of SUVs go the distance without draining your pockets.

The Easier Expense Report

Travel expense reports are getting a little less expensive to produce.

Is Washington Forgetting About Entrepreneurs?

Is anyone in Washington paying attention to entrepreneurs?

Laugh Factory

The humor in everyday life inspired this witty entrepreneur to get down to business.

How Low Can You Go?

With all the franchises in our low-cost listing, you'd be surprised.

Mix It Up

Thinking about diversifying your business? Here are some things to consider before adding to your company's offerings.

Age Appropriate

Hiring employees over age 50 Is a smart move--if you do it right.

All Packed

Get your goods ready to go overseas with these tips.

Pilot Project

New database allows you to check employees' legal status.

Increase Business With International Customers

...One product at a time. Boost business with a global customer base.

Dealing With Startup Change

Even a solid business plan can't stop the inevitable. How will you deal?

Be an Exclusive Distributor

Becoming the exclusive U.S. distributor of a foreign product can be a great way to secure startup success.

Zero Tolerance

Even nonemployees must be held accountable to the law.

Biz Kids

Owning a franchise is far from child's play for these young entrepreneurs.

Therapy by the Book

An avid scrapbooker enhances the relaxing effects of her hobby by combining it with spa amenities.

Good, Clean Fun

A soap dispenser transforms a patent lawyer into an entrepreneur.

Spread the Word

Good reputations and a little money helped these entrepreneurs open their own ad agency.

Tips on Shipping Your Product

You can't have a successful eBay business without a way to ship your goods. Here are some tips and tools to help you do it right.

Parental Advisory

Yes, you're older and wiser now, but you can still benefit from your parents' expertise.

Keeping Your Edge

If you want to keep your business in top form, you've got to track down the newest information and trends.

Going Nuts

Limiting distribution brought this peanut and almond spread company out of its shell.

Buyback Bonanza

Big companies with excess cash have jumped on the buyback bandwagon and are milking it for all it's worth. Should you do the same?

A Perfect Union

Looking for a better relationship with your bank? A credit union could be the financing solution you need.

Taking the Emotions Out of Investing

Should you let a computer choose your investments?

Don't Get Cut Off

Will your D&O coverage be there when you need it?

Short Stack

ETFs that let you bet on falling markets.

Risky Realty

Real estate professionals and institutional investors see benefits in housing futures. But Dick and Jane homeowner, use caution.

In Pursuit of Happiness

Want to lead a happier, healthier and wealthier life? Start by practicing self-control.

Holiday Jeer

Premature holiday spirit can put customers in grinch mode.

5 Tips for Getting Sales Back on Track

Move your business forward by telling yourself "If it's to be, it's up to me."

Alter Your Marketing Mind-Set

Mastering four key elements of marketing will put you in front of the pack-and customers will follow.

When a Deal Is a Don't

Know when you should walk away from a negotiation.

Office Humor

At this entrepreneur's corporate workshops, wit and wisdom go hand in hand.

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