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Entrepreneur Magazine: August 2010

Featured Article

The Turnaround Artist

Jim Pohlad inherited a failing team-the Minnesota Twins--on the verge of disappearing from baseball. What saved it? Thinking like a small business.

Green Fallout

The era when green marketing meant sunny logos and big environmental claims is over. Just ask BP.

Losing the Dream, but Saving the Store

The recession is driving mom-and-pop businesses to transform into franchises.

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Ring it Up

Shoppers are venturing out again, so it's time to browse <em>Entrepreneur's</em> top retail franchises of 2010.

The Butch Bakery

The boozy, manly, camouflage-frosted cupcake

I'm an Entrepreneur; Get Me Out of Here!

Today's episode: How to turn a class project into a multimillion-dollar business. (No degree required.)

Is That a Business Credit Card in Your Wallet?

If it is, forget the Credit Card Act--you're as vulnerable as ever to sky-high rates, erratic billing and unexpected fees.
Starting a Business

Strokes of Genius

Three genius innovations to make your life easier--or at least more fun

Beyond the Sporting Life

For pro athletes, entrepreneurial endeavors are a natural play.
Starting a Business

Do You Believe in Super Angels?

An early-stage investor by any name can be just as useful to funding your business.

How to Get Paid Faster

Methods for streamlining your company's collection practices
Starting a Business

Angels Stay Safe from the Law

SMBs and startups can celebrate the failure of some proposed financial reforms.

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