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September 2010

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September 2010

Entrepreneur | September 2010
September 2010
Entrepreneur Magazine

Young Millionaires 2010

Here's how four ultra-successful twentysomethings leveraged their brilliant ideas into major businesses online. And how you can, too.

Time to Upgrade

A new study finds a big lean toward new tech investment.

Big Brands Lend Their Names to the Franchise Service Industry

Procter & Gamble is re-creating two of its iconic brands--Tide and Mr. Clean--as dry cleaning and carwash franchises

Websites in Motion

When you're designing your site for the mobile web, the secret is simplicity.

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The New New Alternatives

A different crop of lenders is emerging, claiming that it will revolutionize tight credit markets. Really?

Your Online Management Guru

Meet Milton, a virtual office manager for small businesses in need of supervision.

Online Tools to Ease Your Tax Tension

If you're self-employed and pay quarterly estimated taxes, the IRS is likely looking for some cash from you by Sept. 15. These websites won't take away the pain of the payment, but they'll make it a bit easier to settle up with Uncle Sam.

Who Says No One is Shopping?

In just three years, entrepreneurs like Adam Bernhard have created a new retail niche--private sample-sale websites--that has grown into a $1 billion business and changed the way America shops.

Meet Your Mentor

How to find a trusted advisor to help you jump-start your ambition

A Bright Future for an LED Franchise

Marcel Fairbairn saw huge potential in the newest LED lights--so he quit lighting concert stages and created LED Source.

Get a Visual

With the Vue, you and your business can have video-backed peace of mind.

Facebook's Face-Off

Are the social media giant's privacy woes a concern?

Reinventing the Wheels

Getaround combines the car rental business with mobile technology and environmental awareness.

A Small Step Toward Better Connections

Femtocells can help patch that nasty drop zone in your mobile office.

Beware the Bitter Twitter

Here are some dos and don'ts in using social networks for communicating.

Where Healthcare Meets Wireless

West Wireless Health Institute is kick-starting innovation in two realms that need each other's help.

8-year-old Tech Mogul? There's an App for That

The mobile app market has no age restrictions. Meet game developer Joseph Hudicka.

The Internet Machine

The evolution of the Internet has dramatically altered the way we work and buy.

A Startup With Animal Instincts

Meet the makers of Spirit Hoods, a line of fuzzy, fake-fur headgear that resembles skinned, stuffed animals.

The World of Crowd Funding

What if total strangers gave you money to start a business and didn't even ask to be paid back? At IndieGoGo.com, they just might.

Sweet Charity: A Nonprofit Success Story

Making honey becomes a big business for teenage sisters -- and a big benefit for cancer research.

The Best Laptops for Mobile Entrepreneurs

Determine your price range, the importance of style, the features you need and how often you're likely to drop your computer (and from how high). Then choose your weapon from our guide to the best laptops for the mobile entrepreneur.

Radio Days Revisited

BlogTalkRadio seizes on an overlooked market niche--and a new round of funding.

Jargon: Osmosis Marketing

Forget traditional marketing methods--if osmosis marketing worked for Justin Bieber, it'll work for you

Making the Most of Freelance Talent

Our list of the newest franchises is proof that a creative approach succeeds in even the toughest times

Getting the Best Travel Rewards

How to get the maximum benefits from your airline travel rewards program

Tapping City-based Capital Coffers

New York and other cities are launching their own venture funds. Are they good for your business?

Ultimate Flying Machine

Two L.A. entrepreneurs have dreamed up the perfect plane for the weekend aviator.

Five Lessons from the Old Spice Man

A look inside the successful new media campaign from an old-school brand

Brooklyn, Hello!

A few words with Larry King, the newest Original Brooklyn Water Bagel franchisee

How to Stop Being A Control Freak

You've got to learn to let go. And ironically, you can't do it alone.

Making the Most of Freelance Talent

Almost every company in America is outsourcing at least part of its work--but not always getting the results it needs. Here's how to do it right.

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