Entrepreneur Magazine: January 1999

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Millennium Meltdown

Think the Y2K bug won't bite you? This is your wake-up call.

Hot Stuff

Ready to make your move in '99? First check out our predictions for the hottest businesses of the year.

The Wonder Years

A look at how franchising and the Franchise 500® have changed over the past 20 years.

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By Debra Phillips, Cynthia E. Griffin, Heather Page and Melissa Campanelli


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The In Crowd

Popularity contest? You bet. Top trends for 1999.

Smart Ideas

To succeed in business, you have to stay on the cutting edge. Here are a few ways entrepreneurs are doing just that.

Designing Woman

Youth is anything but wasted on this twentysomething fashion maven.

Lessons Learned

Choosing a personnel trainer you can count on.

Flash Forward

Must-know management ideas to keep your business moving.

Needs To Know

Before choosing just any insurance package, analyze your needs.

Going The Distance

Travel costs are expected to soar this year.