Entrepreneur Magazine: July 1999

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Choice Cuts

Action on Capitol Hill this year could leave you with a larger after-tax share of the profits.

Burnt Offerings?

It's understandable to be bedazzled by the riches you see in other companies' IPOs. But before you follow their lead, make sure your company is cut out for going public.

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Full Plate

Piling stocks and bonds into your portfolio makes for a healthy investment.

Selling High

Businesses for sale ring up cool profits.

Forging Ahead

White House labors to put procurement projects into entrepreneurs' hands.

Uncle Sam Steps In

State and federal governments save the day with insurance assistance for entrepreneurs.

Time On Their Side

You need good employees. They need increased flexibility. Here's how the twain shall meet.

You Got The Look

And if anyone tries to steal it, you can take 'em to court.

Avoiding a Too-Early Succession

Hand your kids a key to the business too early, and you could unlock the wrong attitude.

Lost Wagers

The stakes are high when dealing with employees who have gambling problems.

Is It Greek To You?

With just 3.4 defects per million units, the Six Sigma strategy may seem somewhat foreign. Welcome to the quality-assurance system the big boys use.