Entrepreneur Magazine: September 1999

Featured Article

Keeping Your Cool

You're either cool or you're not. If you are, here's how to make the most of it.

Gourmet Bubbly

. . . and we're not talking champagne.

Back To Basics

With no batteries required and a price that's right, day-planners hold their own.

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Taste Test

It pays to get saucy.

The Home Zone

So you want to start a homebased business but don't know where to begin? These entrepreneurs discovered buying a business opportunity can be an easy way to get started.

Equal Access

Giving minorities, veterans and women a fair shot at franchising


There's only one Silicon Valley, but hopes of being Silicon Something has tech communities popping up nationwide.

The `WOW' Factor

How do you sell a great gift idea? Enthusiasm!

All Boxed Up

Hard facts on the latest software


The fact that the Internet is generating huge profits hasn't slipped by the taxman. Find out which rules affect your e-commerce business.

Decent Proposal

As bogus lawsuits continue to rise, Congress fights to keep entrepreneurs out of court.

Rub It In

Ahhhh! The answer to your employees' aches, pains and stress