Entrepreneur Magazine: September 1999

Featured Article

Trade Shows

Mark your calendar.

Eastern States

Can you offer jobs in economically poor areas? This fund's looking for you.

Making Headlines

The money to pay the staff was a maybe. Her partner left her alone in the eats-entrepreneurs-alive magazine industry. Could Pat Means survive, much less succeed? You better believe it.

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Abroad Band

U.S. tech businesses find foreign soil is fertile soil.

Deep Freeze

Don't let the name fool you. Frozen foods are hot.

Tubby Talk

It takes a child at heart to build a children's phenomenon.


There's only one Silicon Valley, but hopes of being Silicon Something has tech communities popping up nationwide.

The `WOW' Factor

How do you sell a great gift idea? Enthusiasm!

Get In The Game

You'll soon be able to score with your favorite star.

Square Pegs

Filling your customer service team with `mini salespeople'? Chances are, you're missing the mark.

Home Cooking

Customers will take this pizza and shove it . . .in their ovens.

Mr. Clean

A Chem-Dry franchisee helps shelter residents make a fresh start.