Entrepreneur Magazine: February 2000

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Find Your Partner

When industry giants and dot.coms come together, it's profits that fly round and round.

How to Review Your Siblings

Rating your sibling's performance means treading on delicate--and potentially explosive--ground. In fact, maybe it's better to call the whole thing off.

Risky Ad-Ventures

Whether on paper or over the Internet, make sure your ads are on the level.

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On Guard

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Take Flight

Getting my business to fly right will take more than money. Should an angel come along for the ride?

Meet Markets

Best bets for finding customers

Fast Track

Cooking up Cajun-flavored microwave popcorn


Sites that match entrepreneurs with funding sources

Room To Grow

Growing fast? Don't let system overload slow you down.

It's A Fit!

Find the right piece to your partnership puzzle and you're in business.

Web Across The Atlantic

"Smart" mobile phones bring more Europeans to your Internet doorstep.