Entrepreneur Magazine: March 2000

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Connect The Dots

Online or brick-and-mortar? Tough question. But if you have a clear picture of your business, you already know the answer.

Wise Buys

Review of PitneyWorks

Web Site

PR case studies

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Wired Guides

Take a tour online before you travel.

Safety In Numbers

911 . . . anywhere, any time

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

Of course, they didn't have project management software.

Fast Track

Determining how international financial markets impact U.S. investors

Taking Stock

The SEC eases the financial burden of employee stock offerings.

Trade Shows

Mark your calendar

Healthy Choice

Insurance companies? Who needs 'em?

High On Miles

Kicking the point addiction

Tax Time

Reviews of Quicken's TurboTax, KCSL's X-Portal Findware, EarthLink 5.0 and Shelf Logic 2000