Entrepreneur Magazine: April 2000

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Dot Dot Dot

Start a dot.com . . . twiddle your thumbs . . . the money rolls in--there's a hell of a lot left out of <i>that </i>story.

High Return

Here are a few tips from the experts to make sure your calls get returned.

Service To A Tee

How can I wear my expertise on my sleeve?

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Final Chapter

Chapter 7, Chapter 11-your customer's gone bankrupt? Here's what to do.


New CD-ROM is a starting point for Web neophytes.

Auction Fever

Is there really gold in government auctions?

Knowledge Is Power

Go back to school to learn everything you need to know about franchising.

Catch The Craze

Learning to take advantage of trends

Seeing Red

Online tool for tracking and sorting billable hours and expenses

Quick Guide To Business Travel

Stretch your travel dollars further than the other guy with the latest business innovations & our annual Business Travel Awards.

Said the Spider

Learn sales from our eight-legged friend's greatest architectural accomplishment.