Entrepreneur Magazine: May 2000

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Need A Lift?

Kensington Adjustable Monitor Lift

Fast Track

How this health and wellness services company got financing

Beauty Is In The Eye

. . . of the importer. Here's how to find the strange and exotic and make a pretty penny at it

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Book It

Need great employees? Run-don't walk-to your nearest school.

Pound For Pound

We put Windows 2000 up against the other operating systems to see if it tips the scales in your favor.

A Helping Hand

Maybe you can't pay more, but you can still help low-wage workers stay healthy, happy and working for you.

See And Be Seen

Minimize competition-and maximize results-by putting your advertising dollars where your customers live, work and play.

Spin City

Put a new spin on your sales pitch with a CD-ROM.

Word Talk

WordPerfect tip site

What Have You Become?

You have employees you don't recognize, sales you can't keep track of and a business that's grown way beyond "small." Do you even remember when everything was just innocent and entrepreneurial?

"Trust Me"

. . . isn't enough for most banks when it comes to lending to high-tech start-ups. How to cozy up to bankers and get the financing you need

Not For Keeps

You paid for your software, but it doesn't belong to you.