Entrepreneur Magazine: June 2000

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Told You So!

Hot 100 businesses do burn bright, but they don't burn out. Here are the businesses that prove there's life after recognition in <i>Entrepreneur</i> magazine.

<i>Don't</i> Tell It To The Judge

It's good to fire bad employees. It's not so good to yap about how bad they were at unemployment hearings.

Go Small

Not netting any capital? Try smaller venture funds.

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Fast Facts

Internet and technology statistics

Talent Scout

When recruiting, look to merger survivors-not their laid-off brethren.

Web Site

Get your hands on federal government booklets aimed at small business.

Free At Last

Is your home office a network nightmare-piles of wires, holes in the wall and cabling for everything but the kitchen sink? Take it all wireless!

You Name It

With domain names getting eaten up as fast as Krispy Kreme doughnuts, try these creative tips for finding a name that works.

Keep Climbing

Don't stop now-for a successful tomorrow, you've got to keep building on the success achieved today.

Off Color

Is your office puce and avocado green? You need some help-and here it is.

Easy Does It.

For Sustainers, success is alright, I guess-as long as it's accomplished in relative comfort.


Getting into the zone can pay big dividends.