Entrepreneur Magazine: July 2000

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Hold 'Em

There are two ways to get outside cash into your business. Take a look at two entrepreneurs balancing the eternal choice between selling equity and borrowing.

Web Site

Site helps hook-up businesses needing money with big-name lenders

Name Calling

Site that helps you select a company name be telling you what's available and what's not

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Trial By Free Market

Ex-Coca-Cola-exec Sergio Zyman on marketing success.and New Coke.

Bright Lights, Big City

An opportunity written in the stars


Don't know what to do with that old 486 clunker in the corner of the office? You don't have to trash it. Here are some suggestions.

No Muse, No Fuse!

Wanna' sell units? Make ads that promise to whisk away life's more odious tasks.

Immovable Feats

Can you finance your business without getting out of your chair? Not entirely, webheads. At some point, you'll have to use them legs.

Who Needs 'Em?

Traditional retailers are no longer the only game in town.


College students offer free help and expertise to local businesses.

The Voices In Your Head

They're saying things--some good, some bad. Timothy Gallwey teaches people to listen to the right ones.

Making A Splash

Fixed wireless services test the waters.