Entrepreneur Magazine: July 2000

Featured Article

Hold 'Em

There are two ways to get outside cash into your business. Take a look at two entrepreneurs balancing the eternal choice between selling equity and borrowing.

Discover the Secrets of Auditors, Part 2

New guides help you keep the tax man away--for good.

Wrong Side of the Net

There aren't any sirens in the night, but the Web does have its seedy underbelly. Protect yourself from the grifters, the scammers and the crooks.

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In Good Forum

You need tons of money. You have no financial contacts. Where can you turn? Many entrepreneurs have found what they need in venture forums.

Get Outta Here

For tax breaks and investment opportunities, sometimes you just have to leave the country.

Money In The Bank

Check out over 600 entrepreneur-friendly banks.

No Muse, No Fuse!

Wanna' sell units? Make ads that promise to whisk away life's more odious tasks.

Campaign Ready?

Ok, your new advertising looks great. But how will you ensure its success?

Follow Your NOs

Disagreeing without being disagreeable

Just Ask

Knowing the right questions to ask can be as powerful as any sales technique.


New idea for a promotional giveaway

Say What?

Winning over customers is tough-especially when you don't make any sense.