Entrepreneur Magazine: September 2000

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Quick Guide To Insurance

Pick your agent. Pick your insurance. Pick the business disaster you're most afraid of and insure against it.

The Bare Minimum

Why pay big bucks for PCs with fancy functions you don't need?

Bogus Bills

Phony charges on your phone bill? You've been crammed!

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Kick It Up a Notch

Want to turn up the heat on your marketing campaign? Start by turning cold contacts into hot prospects.

Inside Investing

Ever wonder what goes on behind the doors of a venture capital firm?

No Place Like Home

If home is where the heart is, then your business belongs there, too. Here are 10 of today's hottest homebased businesses.


Credit card company creates entrepreneur-friendly program.

Business & Pleasure

Doing business in Washington, DC

Got Net?

10 great Web businesses to start now

Web Site

A new site from the U.S. Chamber Of Commerce offers tools for small businesses.

Make 'Em Talk

Jump-start sales the simple way—with endorsements.

Drill Bit Player

Here's a creative opportunity that turns the tables on your fear of the dentist.