Entrepreneur Magazine: October 2000

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You Win! Poor You!

Critics are following your every move. Competitors are targeting you. Your friends resent you. Now why'd you have to go and be a success?

Nice Headline!

Flattery will get you everywhere-even into business.

Giving Stock to the Next Generation

Are you gifting stock to the younger generation for the right reasons?

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William J. O'Neil of Investor's Business Daily offers up some tips on managing your investments with a little start-up experience thrown in.

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Oh Golly not only refers to a place to put your business online but offers some cool perks as well.

The Killer Commute

Is it costing your employees a fortune? A new program may ease their burden.

Movin' On Up

These guys are riding the Internet to the top-in elevators.

Money Talks

Secrets to attracting the rich

Page Turners

Creating an online product that turns heads

Around The World

Standard & Poor's Index Services provides a quick look at international financial data.

Web Site

User-friendly help for common-and not so common-computer glitches

Trade Shows

By Arlo Redwine