Entrepreneur Magazine: January 2001

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Finger-Lickin' Good

If you think businesses need big, grimy cities to succeed, check out Lexington, Kentucky, and decide for yourself whether the grass is bluer on the other side.


Link up with government and private contracts online.

*N Multisync

NEC-Mitsubishi's MultiSync LCD1800 flat panel display

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Funny Money

OK, there's nothing funny about money--but when standard franchise financing doesn't happen, it's time to start using your entrepreneurial wits.


What all those fancy-schmancy tech certificates really mean

Close Up: Virtual Celebrity

Taking a look at the world's first cyber newscaster, Ananova

Statute Of Liberty

What to do with your debilitatingly fatigued, your pregnant, your deathly ill yearning to be free from work for 12 weeks

Have Dots & Have Nots

The staff at your brick-and-mortar business are jealous of your dotcommers. How can you keep the peace?

Go Figure!

Ever wonder just what investors are looking for when they pore over all those numbers in your financial statements?

Hoop Dreams

When you're having trouble finding a manufacturer for your product, these ideas may help you locate the one you want.

Silent Partners

How to help your office wallflowers blossom

Netting Numbers

QuickBooks goes virtual.