Entrepreneur Magazine: January 2001

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Finger-Lickin' Good

If you think businesses need big, grimy cities to succeed, check out Lexington, Kentucky, and decide for yourself whether the grass is bluer on the other side.

<i>Entrepreneur</i>'s 22nd Annual Franchise 500

A closer look at this year's ranking of the top 500 franchises


We've called the race . . . and this time there's no dispute. In this year's Franchise 500, Subway is No. 1.

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Fast Facts

Internet and technology statistics

Write The Wrongs

The story of how one Entrepreneur columnist crashed and burned when he bought a franchise.

Funny Money

OK, there's nothing funny about money--but when standard franchise financing doesn't happen, it's time to start using your entrepreneurial wits.

Presidential Secrets

It's time to research some franchises. Grab your UFOCs . . . and your history book?

Have Dots & Have Nots

The staff at your brick-and-mortar business are jealous of your dotcommers. How can you keep the peace?

We're (Not) #1

Why playing second fiddle to an industry leader may be music to your ears


Time's up for the illusion that dotcom guarantees success. If you're still in the game, lucky you. If you're not, take solace in knowing the rest of us are learning from your mistakes.

Altered Vista

More visas = more choices for high-tech companies seeking skilled workers

Public Policy

Avoid a pre-IPO disaster by getting the right financial insurance.