Entrepreneur Magazine: July 2001

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Why bet the farm on an unknown VC when you can find a source with the funds and know-how you need to take your business to the big-money table?

Marketing Buzz 7/01

Promoting your business through community concierge services and cheap publicity

It's Lies! All Lies!

Those legendary business stories could be just that.

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Piece Treaty?

Global interests may soon discover that breaking up the Web is hard to do.

"Oh, Yeah? Prove It!"

Bringing both sides of the patent issue together to find the truth about prior art

Home Fires Burning

Spark nationwide success for your product with some sales fuel from your local neighborhood stores.

Want Fries With That?

Is this the aftermath of a <i>Three Stooges</i> pie fight or just the latest spa trend?

Loophole Lotto

Next time you write a check to the IRS, you may wonder whether you really have to.

Seems Like Yesterday

2001 already? Must be time for '90s nostalgia...and we were barely over the '80s!


The perks to keep and cut

Money Talks

The billionaires want to keep paying estate taxes. What do you want?

You Suck!

Don't take it personally: That's just post-dotcom backlash talking. Or is it?