Entrepreneur Magazine: October 2001

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Get in the Ring

A weak economy can make you strong-if you've got the guts to go in for the kill.

Toon Up

Make your brand as instantly recognizable as Bugs Bunny.

Now on DVD!

A feature drive . . . starring your PC backup and graphic-heavy presentations

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Hopping from product to product, Leap Frog's founder makes learning lighthearted and lands his toys on store shelves everywhere.

Write Soon

Regardless of whether your investors' intentions are honorable, you can make sure their letter of intent is.

What Goes Around . . .

Making promises to employees and then giving them the boot? They'll be back--carrying lawsuits that could damage your company.

Contract Cons

If you think the other side is sneaky, read this.

Nice Threads

She designs 'em. Amish women hand-stitch 'em. And each of these quilts goes for more than $2,000.

Big Break

Is it time for your product to stop playing supporting roles and steal the show?

Restructuring a Problem Company

12 ways to get your troubled business back on track

Check Your Balance

Cover the whole economic spectrum.

How Low Can They Go?

91 opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to buy a franchise without coughing up franchise-type dollars