Entrepreneur Magazine: February 2002

Featured Article

9/11 Call

When crisis hit, business owners answered.

Stump the Slump

A recession is only as barren and lifeless as you make it. Work the downturn, and watch as your new business takes off.

Worst-Case Scenario

How would your business take a September 11-level tragedy? Only the best preparation can ensure it rises from the rubble.

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Your brilliant idea needn't fall by the wayside simply because you don't want to deal with the patent process. We've shattered the top 10 myths so you can see your way clear to patenting your product.


No money for the national science foundation means fewer business innovations.

Cool Clicks 02/02

Solve disputes without going to court

Rah-Rah Rides

A new take on hubcaps helps rabid sports fans cheer their alma maters anywhere they spin their wheels.

Break It Up!

Will Congress finally take a swing at contract bundling?

Tollhouses & Cookies

Is W3C's proposal to allow fees for Internet standards a recipe for Web disaster?

Marketing Buzz 02/02

Interim marketing managers, new online ad counting standards

Laurel Touby

"Thirtysomething" founder of Mediabistro.com in New York City

In Your Eyes

Take it from American Express: The right visual cues draw readers into your ad.