Entrepreneur Magazine: April 2002

Featured Article

Game of Risk

If you see the words "caution" or "careful" in your entrepreneurial rulebook, you're reading it wrong.

Industrial Strength

Pump up portfolios with strong sector funds.

Creative Marketing on a Shoestring

You've ransacked your brain for a shred of creativity, and you still can't come up with some decent marketing tactics. Good news: We've done the work for you.

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Comes In Handy

Got some work around the house, but can't find anyone who's up to the task? Just buy yourself a franchise.

Ga-Ga for Google

Users are fans of the company's highly relevant searches. We're fans because Google is a dotcom that's making money.

The Art of (Price) War

Low prices sound good, but can you slice deep without hitting profit?

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Know where your drivers are-and how they got there.


How to be the best no. 4, 5 or 6 you can possibly be

Got the Goods

The top 117 industry-leading companies from our 2002 Franchise 500

John@ v. Jane@

Is the best mediation for online arguments online?

Hearing Voices


Hire and Hire

If you plan on making the sales you need to survive the recession, maybe you need more people to do the selling.