Entrepreneur Magazine: July 2002

Featured Article

After the Flood

With the flow of VC funding slowed to a trickle, let our list of the top 100 VC funds be your divining rod.

Space Case

Need a technology partner? NASA might've come up with a thing or two you can use.

Send a Card

Credit card debt got you down? If only you could get an SBA-backed loan . . .

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Keep It Simple

Will the feds succeed in untangling tax laws?

Cool Clicks 07/02

Sites that help you check your security on the Net and find the best search tools

Bag Lady

It's a Hollywood story for this stylin' designer.

What's New 07/02

Set up shop by wiring the homes of the future.

The Way of the Samurai

An ex-football pro packs in the profits, Asian-style.

Tales From the Dotcom Darkside

Harvard's Class of 2000 had the world in its hands.for a while. But what was it like to <I>work</I> at a dotcom--not start one--during the Net's heyday? HBS grads dish the dirt.

Jordan Weisman

42, founder and CEO of WizKids LLC in Bellevue, Washington

Balancing Act

Funds that combine the best of both worlds

Bargain Hunters

They've found your source of cheap consulting, and they're turning off the tap.