Entrepreneur Magazine: October 2002

Featured Article

Make an Impact With Your Image

We hope your potential customers are bracing themselves--because your business is about to make some serious noise.

For the Low, Low Price . . .

Find the perfect franchise for less than $50,000.

A New Standard

Finished sweating through your ISO 9000 certification? Time to think about ISO 14001.

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Bootstrapping Your Startup

No, you don't need investors to start your dream business. Here's how to make it happen with your own money.

Robo-Car Roadblocks

Telematics continues to face some potholes.

Book Learnin'

We could all learn from this bookseller's environmental and philanthropic ideals.

Money Buzz 10/02

Detecting phony currency, a federal bill to loosen the tight capital market and more

The Bigger, the Better

If you need quick cash flow to stay in business—and who doesn't?—skip the small retailers and go straight for companies that buy in bulk.

Here's the Keys

Looking for a new business idea? Keep an ear open for what people grumble about . . . especially if they can afford to drive Lamborghinis.

Do You Hear Something?

Could that sound be small businesses finally getting their voice heard in politics?

On the Road Again

Phone home with your old cell--at a price.

Help Me Out, Here

You helped yourself become a successful entrepreneur. Why don't you help others?