Entrepreneur Magazine: January 2000

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The New Genius

Channeling the best minds of our time

Dazed And Confused

Is your browsing out of control? Here are some handy tools to get organized.

Taking The Net By Storm

Survey shows small businesses accessing the Internet with a vengeance.

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Analyze This

Sure, you can buy a franchise in almost any industry you're interested in, but it still pays to take a closer look before you leap.

Don't Get Personal

Taking the personal out of personnel isn't easy when you're talking about family.

On Firewire

First color inkjet printer to use the FireWire port


Fair Trade

Charity Begins at Home

So how do I initiate a homebased, not-for-profit business?

Think Big

Hate seeing some stupid gadget on QVC making somebody millions? Don't get mad, get creative. These 9 simple steps can turn your big ideas into big profits.

Fast Track

Teaching kids to cook


Governors assist the growth of e-commerce.

Treasure Hunt

Finding value where you might not expect it