Entrepreneur Magazine: October 2000

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You Win! Poor You!

Critics are following your every move. Competitors are targeting you. Your friends resent you. Now why'd you have to go and be a success?

Most Bang for the Buck

Compaq's Presario 1200T-566 Internet Notebook

On Target?

Top prospects change as your business changes. Here's how to fine-tune your marketing message so it hits home year after year.

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Fast facts about sales and marketing statistics

Sounds Of Success

Audio signatures are the latest trend in tag lines.

Money Talks

Secrets to attracting the rich

Start A Fan Club

If your customers love you, they'll do the marketing for you.

Road Notes

New service from American Airlines, Marriott International and Euro Vacations.com

Mad For Miles

Different ways to spend your hard-earned miles

Bag It

Travelers check out check-in alternatives